fj62 transmission

  1. ljoem

    For Sale  A440 with Fixins

    I recently swapped in an H55f into my 1989 FJ62, and have a few left over parts from the old trans. I believe the A440 has a bad trans pump, but is otherwise in good shape. It was last rebuilt three years ago, if I remember correctly, and has been rebuilt prior to that. When it was taken out...
  2. D

    Wanted  FJ62 transmission output shaft

    We are rebuilding the transmission and transfer case in our 1990 FJ62. The transfer case is in need of a new output shaft for the A440F automatic transmission. Does anyone know where i can source one? I've tried, SOR, Cruiser Corps, Cruiser Parts, Toyota, Transtar and a few other and no one has...
  3. FJ Silver

    ATF leaking past the A440F Valve Body?

    My A440F was rebuild about 60K miles ago, but totally has about 270K on it. It has had a cooler since the last 40K miles or so. I've been driving the Cruiser a lot lately including a few 500 + miles day trips all loaded up and heavy. Now its not shifting into gears first thing in the morning...
  4. houstonfj40

    Wanted  FJ62 transmission inspection plate

    Looking for the inspection plate on the bottom, back of block, front of transmission (auto) on 1990 fj62. Please see picture of where the plate goes. Thank you in advance. FOUND. NO LONGER NEEDED. Marc
  5. C

    FJ62 Transmission slips in reverse when cold

    I have a 1988 FJ62 with about 60k on a rebuilt factory transmission. When I first start it in the morning, regardless of the ambient temperature, I will put in reverse and the transmission will engage normally and they disengage after backing up 5 or 10 feet. It will then reengage and maybe do...
  6. simpleweed

    Wanted  Planetary Thrust Washer 3573930030

    My first post so forgive any screwups: I have a 1990 FJ62 and in the process of "restoring". One of my first steps is getting transmission rebuilt and it is ready to go...almost. The thrust washer is broken in half and I am having a heck of a time finding one. Toyota discontinued it and I have...
  7. roryhamaker

    A440F Transmission issues

    I'll try to keep it simple, but i made the horrible HORRIBLE mistake of letting aamco do a tranny rebuild for me 2 years ago and have nothing but issues since. I have been, since, using Nance Transmission and have really enjoyed their support, but the trans still isn't right. When the truck is...
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