fire extinguisher mount

  1. Dustin Messina

    Wanted  Witt's End 100 Series Locking Lid for Fire Extinguisher Mount

    Figure I would throw up a hail Mary and see if anyone has a locking lid for a Witt's end fire extinguisher mount for a 100 series, drivers side they would sell. I missed out before they went out of production!
  2. Interior Mount Shot of the Fire Extinguisher

    Interior Mount Shot of the Fire Extinguisher

  3. Ramathorn15

    100 series fire extinguisher mount

    Hey all! After doing Cruise Moab this year and having my fire extinguisher rolling around, I decided to fix that. This is a simple design that will be relatively cheap and work on either side. It moves with the seat and doesn't restric movement of the seat at all. It's also nice and close to...
  4. D

    SOLD  Wit's End Right side Fire Extinguisher mount

    I never mounted a fire extinguisher to the mount. Just installed the mount and found out that it didn't work for my purposes. 80 Series Fire Extinguisher Mount-Right Side Mounted, but never used. Excellent condition. I'll dust it off and clean it up for you. $50 + Priority mail shipping in US...

    Wits' End 60 Series Fire Extinguisher Mount

    While I'm at it, and doing the 60 Series GloveBox AND the 100 Series FEM, I figured I might as well get the 6x series Fire Extinguisher Mount going as well. I've been sitting on this forever and its just time to get these made. Here is where things started. But the main issue was that it was...

    Wits’ End Fire Extinguisher Mount and Locking Lid

    This is something I started and stopped and started and stopped for going on two years now. Well I finally got to the point where I can make it happen. I’ll be bundling this with other projects to make sure it gets completed in a timely manner. For those familiar with the 80 Series already know...
  7. repentsinner

    For Sale  [SoCal] Center Axis quick-release fire extinguisher mount

    I have a surplus un-mounted fire extinguisher mount from the group buy that happened a few years ago: Official: GB: Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount $45 net to me by PayPal, buyer pays shipping from SoCal/90039.
  8. SmoothLC

    Post Up Photos of your Fire Extinguisher Mount - 100 Series Land Cruiser

    Ok, I've procrastinated doing this way too long. I need some ideas on mounting a fire extinguisher in my 100 series Land Cruiser. Please post up a photo or two (or more) of how you securely mounted a fire extinguisher in your 100 series and include: 1) type or model of extinguisher, 2) any...

    ChairLift™ for 80 Series

    ChairLift™ Finally have the pieces I needed to complete the kit. Mainly the hardware. This is a mockup of the final look because I don't have the pieces back from powder coating and laser etching yet but its fair to say its what the final is going to look like. These will be available on the...
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