1. B

    Help - Hj61 24v stereo/radio wiring diagram

    Hi guys. I am after a wiring diagram for a factory 24v stereo like the one in the photos below if anyone can help please? Have attached some other pics with what I am working with. Cheers Ben.
  2. New two this

    Swing out rear bumper

    I am looking for a rear bumper with a rear tire swing out but with so many different options out there and brands I don’t know which one to choose from. I just got this FJ80 not to long ago but I also do have the spare tire under the back! I was also told in another thread that the factory one...
  3. Tufve

    HJ61 1988 factory window tint?

    Hey all! Anyone know the tint% and color of the factory window tint? HJ61 if that's a key to the answer.
  4. mrjordann

    For Sale  Portland OR: 1973 FJ40 Leaf Springs

    Best offer. OEM leaf springs off a 1973 FJ40.
  5. Bardiya

    Factory shock length

    As the title suggests, does anyone have the factory shock length for the front and rear? I tried the search bar but could only find results for aftermarket shocks. Edit: By shock length, I mean the stroke length.
  6. ikellymo

    For Sale  CA, SF Bay Area: Grey Metallic Factory Roof Rack, 2003 LX470

    Hi All, I am selling my metallic grey 1E9 Lexus OEM factory roof rack with all the hardware. The plastic covers have some sun spots on them and one of the clips is *slightly* warn. other than that, the rack is in good condition. I could also provide the factory cover strips, but they are...
  7. F

    For Sale  Factory roof rack 100 series, cross bars, caps, all hardware included $150

    Selling my factory roof rack off my 99 LC. Includes both crossbars, 4 caps, all hardware (minus 2 torx bolts), center legs (no pictured). too extreme care when removing. caps are in excellent shape, no cracks. cross bars are peeling from years under the sun. 2 missing torx were for the center...
  8. sunrk

    Finding correct length non-ABS CV's (aka 'birfs') for factory part-time 80

    I have HDK later-series (longer, with ABS ring) front CV joints (those things you guys call 'birfs') on my factory part-time 4wd 80. The original genuine ones (43405-60030) and the other p/n showing for my year of 80 (43405-60050) are both long out of production. Both Partsouq and Toyodiy quote...
  9. WoodyCreature

    ARB Awning on Factory Roof Rack/Bars (100 and 200 Series)

    Posting this in both 100 and 200 forums as this is a solution that works with both rigs. ARB 2500 Awning. Yakima Mighty Mounts.
  10. sunrk

    Source for round rubber grommet thing for battery box cable holes

    Can anyone tell me where to find these rubber grommet things for the circular openings in the Toyota battery trays? pic page Neither my main one (shown here) or the aux one which both have two of these holes appear to have come with the rubber grommets and I haven't seen a reference to them...
  11. 2k100hawk

    For Sale  100 Series Running Boards

    Anyone out there looking for some like new running boards for their 100series LC? Pics from before I removed them and I can text more if needed. I’m in KC, Ks. Thanks
  12. Q

    Fj factory steel wheel lug nuts

    Anyone know the part number for oem lug nuts or black aftermarket that work with factory oem fj steelies?
  13. N22

    Aftermarket bumper turn signals that use factory plugs

    Any one know of a source of turn signals for a custom bumper that use factory toyota plugs? Or plugs with a pigtail at least? I need to find a pigtail/turn signal that plugs into the truck side plug, pn# 90980-11091.
  14. SoCalCrewser

    FJZ80 Factory Service Manual Reprint

    Just wanted to start off by thanking all of the amazing members for their posts and guidance for the 80 series. I have an LX450 and have heavily relied on the detailed info found here to keep it running in great shape. The quantity and quality of information has saved me so much time and money...
  15. Trollhole

    For Sale  Factory 200 series steel rims with tires

    Tires and rims only have a few miles on them. Asking 1250 for 5 rims and tires. Pm me if your interested and for a shipping quote. Willing to sell the rims only for 900$. These aren't available from Toyota in the US.
  16. Nevada470

    Manual antenna control w/ factory switch

    This was all in a 2001 LX470 without factory navigation. Yours might be slightly different but the concept should be similar. This involves poking around in the factory wiring, so be careful and double check before doing anything destructive, ultimately it's pretty simple and if done right...
  17. AppleTech

    Tie Rod - Factory Bend or Straight?

    Just replaced my TREs on my 80 and noticed my tie rod has a slight crook in it. Is this for differential clearance or is it supposed to be straight? Better to know now so I can easily remove the TREs without a pickle fork. Thanks in advance! -Phil
  18. zambo

    For Sale  1998 100 Factory Service Manuals Vol 1&2

    Sold the 100 a few years ago and still have the fsm's. Both are in good used condition but show shelf wear and some grease smudges on the outside pages... $100 shipped for both
  19. brussum

    FREE  Factory crossbars and/or roof rack rails - LC200

    I recently replaced the factory roof rack rails and crossbars with a Front Runner rack system. The old rack and bars are sitting in my garage. It's a complete set with all bolts, brackets, covers, etc. One of the mid-support covers cracked when removed, but it looks to be in good shape...
  20. Krow

    Wanted  Factory Bench seat(s)

    Hey guys I'm on the hunt for a pair of pig bench seats. Preferably in decent condition, but I'll see what's out there. I'm located in SoCal! Thanks
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