1. JGG

    Trailer light - no brake signal on turning signal

    Hi, Let me first introduce myself. I am Johan. Living in The Netherlands. I wanted a Land Cruiser 100 after traveling to Dubai. Choose for the Lexus version. After a lot of searching and calculating I bougth a LX470 in NY and got it transported to Europe. Some pictures: And now, my...
  2. Frkens

    Any cruiserheads from Europe?

    Hi guys, I am about to make the decision of shipping and importing my cruiser back to Denmark after my epic roadtrip. I have one worry though. How hard will it be for me to get parts. This model has not - on Danish plates - driven on Danish roads before (according to Toyota Denmark and the...
  3. R

    LX470 - getting the Navigation work in Germany

    Hi guys, I'm Ruben and this is my first posting on ih8mud. Great forum with a lot of knowledge swirling around here :) and a bunch of fantastic pictures of all those wonderfully bulit Cruisers (I have been reading the photos thread for days now). As titled above I am from Germany and I recently...
  4. Jorgito

    Parts guy in Europe ?

    Hello, just wanted to check with European members, whom do you use for ordering Toyota stuff ? The dealers in Czech Republic are double the price of the same item in USA dealer (without the mud discount). Is there any reasonable source of Toyota parts in Europe, I only heards about somebody...
  5. 120mm

    Long Weekend to Normandy and Huertgen Forest

    I've been extremely busy since arriving in Germany last July with my '96 Series 80 we've named "Marjan". The intent was to use Marjan to do expeditions, but between work, working off some faults and weather, we've only managed several local or near local trips. After 90 days of working 7...
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