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  1. hazard

    Wanted  1FZ FE valve cover, cam gears and sprocket

    anyone have a valve cover, a set of cam gears and cam sprocket they don't need, or a completely trashed engine with these parts intact? Want them for some expirementing so I will likely be trashing them. Thanks
  2. H2o

    engine or parts truck for 1994 80s series LC

    Bob up in PA just bought a 94 80series. He is looking for an engine, or another parts truck. Anyone know of any around here or up north?
  3. Cruizerjunkee

    Wanted  Looking for 1976 2F engine parts

    looking for a lightly used (and hopefully still within the allowed tolerances) camshaft, timing cover and the water pump pulley for a clutch fan setup. Thanks everyone!
  4. wileycoyote

    Wanted  H engine parts needed

    I know someone has this and surely isn't going to use it. I need an oil pump and a cam for an h engine. Let me know what ya have. Thanks.
  5. DoubleNickels

    For Sale  (Boise): 1983 2F Engine Parts

    Blew a head gasket on this engine - 1983 2F. I was intending to rebuild and keep as a spare but the head has some significant damage that would be ~$400 to fix. So... Let me know if you need any engine parts! Carb and dizzy are gone, but I have most everything else. Let me know what you need...
  6. C

    Parting Out  1997 LX450 Black

    Have a 1997 LX450 that looks like its been in accident and repaired poorly on drivers side between 1st and 2nd pillars. Rust near on shell near roof line and floor board. Interior is in excellent shape. Door panels, belts, handles console, dash, etc. AC and Heating all good. Fendor flares...
  7. B

    Wanted  2F connecting rod

    Looking for one good used/cheap 2F connecting rod. If anyone has one they're looking to unload, please let me know. Thanks! Ben Bellingham, WA
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