1. zgarre

    For Sale Pair of FJ60/62 “Land Cruiser” Side Emblems

    These were on the vehicle for less than 1,000 miles and were replaced unnecessarily as part of an 18-month restoration. So I have extras. OEM, excellent shape. $42.93 + shipping EACH from SOR; asking $60 shipped in the United States for the pair. Pics to follow.
  2. M

    Black Pearl Emblems on GX470

    Anyone willing to post a pic or two of their GX470 with OEM black pearl emblems, especially someone with an Ash Blue Mica GX470. Thanks, Andy
  3. oregon fj

    Only 1 left! - Repro Toyota sticker for FJ40 rear sill

    These things get harder to sell off with every batch. So this is it, the last one is ready to ship. When it are gone, there will be no more. I really mean it this time. Thinking ahead to painting my ‘64 FJ40 FST, I have been looking at various bits that I will need/want to replace when I put it...
  4. KingdomGuitars

    For Sale FJ80 Toyota Black Pearl Emblems

    I have a set of 2 Toyota emblems (one large and one small- these were for my 98) and 1 Full Time Four Wheel Drive emblem. All Black Pearl, real Toyota Parts. $20 Shipped.
  5. Darb

    For Sale Fj40 landcruiser emblem

    Used original emblem
  6. apron


    finally get to put the apron bling on...
  7. Pierce

    For Sale 2 back door "LAND CRUISER" emblems, Texas

    I have 2, new in wrap, land cruiser emblems part #75435-60040 that go on the rear hatch for sale. $80 each.
  8. Placemotorsports

    Wanted 2003+ white "Land Cruiser" tailgate emblem

    Want to update my 2000 to the newer style
  9. G-Cat

    Rear Emblem Stand-offs and Nuts: 77 40

    So I horse-traded for new rear emblems for my 77. They did not come with the "stand off brackets" or nuts for mounting. Should they have? I reused the ones for the 4wd emblem but my truck didn't have a rear TOYOTA Emblem. (Sticker from CCOT is in pic). So, I found the nuts on Cruiser Corps...
  10. S

    For Sale Early FJ40 Side Emblem

    For sale a pair of genuine side emblems for an early FJ40. Please see picture. $65 plus postage. Can ship worldwide. Item located in South East Texas.
  11. SW20

    Wanted FJ40 "Toyota" Emblem clips

    I just bought a new OEM emblem, but it is missing 3 clips fastens it to the mesh grill. Anyone have these clips? I need 3 of them.
  12. 1973Guppie

    eBay New reproduction early FJ40 hood emblem

    please see here: FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser early hood Emblem Badge reproduction | eBay $85 starting bid, auction, free ship conus
  13. mdsims

    Wanted FJ62 EFI Emblem

    Need two of these, but even one would help. Now NLA by Toyota. I should have bought them last year as I had planned. Oh well. If anyone has a spare, I'll be your huckleberry. 11292-61010 is the pn.
  14. FARMAN33

    For Sale NEW fj60 Grill Emblem

    Got the wrong one! This is NOT the thick one with the bar extending past the letters. Part # 75311-90K00 $35 SHIPPED
  15. Javelin

    Original 4WD emblem placement

    Hey everyone Just curious on where toyota put these emblems on the rear of the FJ40s. I've seen both bottom right and left. Did they change sides throughout the years? Thanks!
  16. Mountain Pig

    Emblem deletes, let's see some pics

    Badges, we don't need no stinking badges! I'm just wondering if anyone has deleted or swapped the Toy/Lex badges on their rigs and would like to share a pic or two. Maybe why, was it a pain, etc.
  17. swamp-thing


    I Need the rear tailgate emblem for a 96. Mine was flopping loose on both ends and when I went to free it from bondage -- it snapped in half!! hah So anyway -- I would like to get a replacement and I'm not interested in buying the brand spanking new ones that are being sold for $$$ bucks...
  18. savirc

    Wanted 2003 and up 100 series "Land Cruiser" hatch emblem

    Hi All, I need a hatch emblem the "Land Cruiser" one off a 03 and up 100 series. One that covers the lip section at the bottom of the hatch. Thanks,
  19. geohaskett

    Difference between 67 and 69 Fender Emblems?

    I'm looking at purchasing some new front fender emblems. Is there a difference between the 67 and 69 emblems besides the parts number? I've found some 75305-60010 and 75305-60011 emblems. From what I can gather, the later number is a replacement for the earlier one. However I see the later...
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