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  1. E

    1HD-FTE max boost

    Good day all, what is the max safe boost on a fully stock 1HD-FTE. It has a Upgraded intercooler and a unichip EGR will be deleted and a oil catch can will be installed.
  2. B

    New EGR head gasket conspiracy theory / how to REALLY delete the EGR (if you believe it could/ should be deleted in the first place)

    I'll start this with, I'm still not sure I want to delete EGR, mostly because after I rebuild my engine from a cylinder 6 head gasket failure, I have to pass emissions ONE MORE time in Georgia before the truck is 25 years old and no longer requires emissions. I just don't want the extra headache...
  3. Spencer Lerman

    Lerms Customs - FJ80 3FE EGR Kits, Machine Shop Services, Parts

    Hello Everyone. Ive started this website to sell Toyota Landcruiser Parts, Tools and I also offer rebuilding/refurbishing services. You can visit my website at Thank you.
  4. Ali M

    '94 Code 71, EGR Bypass technique..

    I followed same procedure as mentioned in this thread but the CEL still on. Is there anything else I need to do like may be driving it for a while or additional steps like re-connecting the ECU fuse? or could it be a something else?
  5. J

    Where to buy FJ80 EGR delete parts?

    I did the Google searches and found the results, but I'm hoping to have a bit of a broader conversation on this. Where did you buy your EGR delete parts (plug, plate, bolts and gasket)? Do you regret buying the parts you did? Is there a best EGR delete kit for sale out there?
  6. LetUsHoldFast

    After de-smog: high idle, fuel leak

    My 1992 fj80 started idling very rough whenever in gear, to the point where I thought it was constantly going to stall when stopped at the stoplight. Figured I had a vacuum leak, and sure enough the pipe near the check valve of the air manifold was rusted and snapped in two. I pulled air pump...
  7. M

    EGR Delete Questions... YES, I used search!

    Hi guys, I have done hours worth of searching, finding LOTs of threads on this topic, e.g. Disable the EGR system the (mostly) Toyota way 1fz-fe EGR disable ? EGR Problem??? I'm trying to condense these down to something simple. It appears (if its legal in your area or if your rig is...
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