egr block off

  1. Ali M

    '94 Code 71, EGR Bypass technique..

    I followed same procedure as mentioned in this thread but the CEL still on. Is there anything else I need to do like may be driving it for a while or additional steps like re-connecting the ECU fuse? or could it be a something else?
  2. Output Shaft

    EGR Cooler Blowing Chunks

    and not just chunks, but small stones: Hard, abrasive, iron oxide rocks. I thought I'd share something new I just learned about the lowly EGR cooler. The cast iron EGR coolers can internally rust to the point that they'll eventually cough out disturbingly sized chunks of rust "stones" that...
  3. Bear s

    Fzj 80, the romanian approach

    Hi there mudders all around the world! For quite some time now I've been watching you from the shadow, and I've finally decided to present my own Land Cruiser with my learning’s from it. Just as a small introduction, I like old cars, no-matter how stupidly they were built. For some years I've...
  4. grizzlygibbs

    My overdue PM journey. Picture heavy.

    I have been accumulating boxes and boxes of parts I have accumulated the last year and a half from Dan and Onur that I am finally getting around to installing, along with doing some other cleaning up and refreshening to the old Mountain Goat. The game plan: New fuel filter, new fuel sock, new...
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