efi relay

  1. RollOn

    3fe EFI headache. Need help.

    Hey guys, so I have read through Jon's EFI diagnostic and am currently stumped as to where I should go next with my current issue. After wheeling for about 2 hours while going up an incline my engine began to sputter and then began acting normally and let me continue moving forward. Shortly...
  2. Vavrinyuk


    remote start
  3. cruzerDave

    Spastic EFI Relay & Ghostly Door Chime

    This thread is a partial continuation of this one: in need of ideas on two problems with the cruiser (thanks to @jerryb for some good suggestions there) but as that one had starting & driving issues, and mine does not, I felt a more accurate title and focused discussion were warranted. PLUS...
  4. IdahoDoug

    New EFI relay to the rescue 2000 miles away.

    So our daughter has our 97 Cruiser at college in SE Michigan. Its got 270,000 bulletproof miles on it. But it began starting hard after she came back to it when Christmas break ended. I had her face time me when she started it and I said "EFI Relay, I will send you one right over". So I did...
  5. medtro

    EFI Relay Bypass Kit (Immobilizer Fix) for UZJ100/LX470

    This bypass kit bypasses the bad EFI relay circuit in the fuse box so that the immobilizer system gets adequate power supply for starting the car. I made this for myself after my new 30A replacement fuse - initial fix for crank but not start problem, failed to start after 4 days. Some members...
  6. thex1231

    FJ80 91 Won´t START Help!

    Hey guys I stopped using my FJ80 for a month or so and after that it loss power and it had a very rough idle so I thought it was the fuel pump and indeed it was failing so I have replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter and she cranks but it will not start. I checked for spark and there is good...
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