ecm issues

  1. 9

    PLEASE HELP ME !!! Jeep Cherokee

    I own a 96 Jeep Cherokee Classic 4.0l Highout put .. Heres what it is doing it will start and run great .. But once it warms up to opt if u hit the gas it cuts out and dies and doesn't want to restart .. Its dumping fuel in #1 cly to the where it is filing out plugs .. When its cold u can smash...
  2. krs2fur

    FJ80 3FE ECM question

    I recently had the 80 partially tore apart, running coax down the passenger side, for a CB install. As often happens when I undertake any project on the Cruiser, I end up following what I call rabbit trails; one project leads me to investigate something different, that may lead to something...
  3. unwiredadventures

    1997 FZJ80 - Cranks but wont start. No CEL

    Out of the blue, one day it would crank, but not start:( No Check Engine Light with ignition key turned Checked voltage through all fusable links: All good Checked all fuses: All good Checked voltage in under hood fuse box: All good Replaced EFI relay Checked voltage on interior OBD2 and under...
  4. gregnash

    Emission Computer testing?

    So I confirmed last night that my ECM is dead (did short jumper wires and reconnected the ICS like normal). I had grounded the ICS to the carb body (Green Wire mod) and the truck runs fine but after doing some further reading from JimC it appears while this is a fix, it really is not one but...
  5. 916rockcrusher

    Bought a non running 94 fzj80 need help

    Hey guys I'm new here and new to 80 series. I've always wanted one so I sold the crawler and found one. Got a great deal on a super clean 94 that wasn't running. The po said it was running great until it died at a stop light and wouldn't restart. His mechanic replaced the fuel pump and fuel...
  6. L

    Need some help diagnosing poor city mileage

    So, this has been driving me crazy for some time now. (Don't mind the pun). I've spent days trying to get the bottom of it but I'm reaching the end of my knowledge about the specifics of the engine management system. The problem is I get regular highway mileage but terrible town mileage. I know...
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