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    For Sale  Florida 100 Series e locker rear diff with switch plug and play

    I have a 98-02 (4speed) 100Series rear E-Locker for sale. It Comes with a new 12v guy actuator harness and switch and has been tested. Here is a video $900 Freight Shipping Hub to Hub should be around 250. Let me know you zip and I can get a quote for you
  2. sigorama

    For Sale  Box of e-locker stuff - $40 for the whole box

    SOLD! I picked up this box of air locker stuff for locking diffs along with some other parts. I don't really ever do e-lockers on my Cruisers so I'm bnot familiar with what's here. Looks like a ton of air hose lines, some fittings, maybe a housing and other random stuff. $40 for the whole box...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  Front & Rear E Lockers, Actuators, Switch, Etc Everything!

    PRICE REDUCED TO $2,100 for both locked axles, actuators,switch, everything! SoCal Factory 1997 E locker package including complete axles, wiring, switch and everything, etc. $2,600 firm. You pull the parts and photo and scribble and take whatever notes and hardware you need and the wiring...
  4. turboed83

    E Locker Wiring Help

    So I picked up a trashed 95 with lockers just to remove the lockers to rebuild for my 94. So I want to take the entire axles and wiring to complete the changeover. Now from what I've read I need the harnesses coming from the axles, the computer in the rf kickpanel, the switch and there is...
  5. Willside

    Parting Out  1995 FZJ 80

    Parting out 1995 FZJ 80 Littleton, Colorado Engin w/ 87,000 mile $1500 Transmission: replaced 10k miles ago $500 E Locking Axles: Front $1500 rear $1000 Transfer case $500 Dash $100 Lots more parts, to many to list.
  6. txlonghorn

    For Sale  80 series rear E locker differential - SOLD

    SOLD! Pulled off of a locked 1993 Land Cruiser. Complete rear locking differential including 3rd member, actuator and cover, and wiring from actuator to rear cargo area (NOT COMPLETE HARNESS FROM FRONT). Gearing is presumably stock 4.10 and ring and pinion looks good. Actuator is working when...
  7. Albuquerque Jim

    Wanted  Hi Pinion E-Locker

    I am looking for a Hi Pinion E-locker...Please let me know if you have one for sale.
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