1. A

    Some of Peter's Mill Run shot on Skydio R1 in 2017 Land Cruiser!

    Alright Mud... so I finally got around to cobbling together some shots from my trip to Peter's Mill Run in NoVA a month ago using the Autonomous Skydio R1 Drone (This thing is incredible). Full disclosure... when I took the trip i didnt really have a video in mind so there is no logical opening...
  2. BHillteq

    Cruisin Hills Adventures

    My wife and I are by no means expert videographers, nor world traveled explorers. But we are inspired by them, and share the same desire to get outside, explore new places, and share our experiences with friends and family. Both of us are Toyota fanboys/girls respectively, having owned Pickups...
  3. FlyingD

    Red Canyon Drone Footage

    Hey thanks for letting me tag along this weekend in my toyoda! Here's the drone footage I captured. Enjoy! Next time I'll bring more batteries and shoot more crawling.
  4. LostAfrican

    Solved: Drone @ 2400-2800 rpm - frame to body contact

    I recently changed tires on our hundy from Toyo ATIIs to Michelin LTX MS2 to quieten the ride down a bit for some long trips we have coming up, and have discovered that we have a pronounced droning noise at 2500 rpm - which is unfortunately right at our cruising speed of ~ 70 mph. Drone starts...
  5. Poupon

    Rio Puerco - Drone Stuff Apr 9th - 11th

    My brother Rick is flying in again with his new bad ass drone. I am hoping to spend some quality time out at the Puerco capturing some sweet video. We may go out this Sunday, Monday and/or Tuesday (Apr 9th - 11th). Feel free to join us anytime. I'll post up when we plan to be heading out (if I...
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