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  1. C

    For Sale  1997 80 series parts

    Various parts for sale. Make a reasonable offer. Located near Sacramento, California. You pay for shipping. i prefer to sale local .
  2. AaKnight

    Does this Pinion Flange look right to you?

    I admit I don't know much about differentials, and I'm chasing down a Driveline vibration. Was hoping someone more knowledgeable could watch the and tell me if this is where my problem is, or if this appears normal. symptoms are growling on deceleration, almost like a lawn mower. After the...
  3. Bill F

    Chasing a weird vibration...

    Hi Everyone, have a new question for the MUD hive mind after having searched around to no avail... I'm having a weird driveline vibration, best described as a 'buzz' at freeway speed, here are the symptoms: - Happens only when the Cruiser is warm: When cold (at low and freeway speed), it is...
  4. Ming89FJ62

    Drive Line Thunk Solved?

    I've been trying to diagnose a drive line "thunk" for the better part of a year - searched and checked the sway bar problem. Looked for play in the u-joints...nothing. The "thunk" was pronounced in both forward and reverse after putting the car in gear and getting starting...
  5. Willside

    Parting Out  1995 FZJ 80

    Parting out 1995 FZJ 80 Littleton, Colorado Engin w/ 87,000 mile $1500 Transmission: replaced 10k miles ago $500 E Locking Axles: Front $1500 rear $1000 Transfer case $500 Dash $100 Lots more parts, to many to list.
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