1. SoCal FZJ80

    100 Series to 60 Series Front Fascia Conversion Flex Dream LC100 to LC60 Grille & Headlights

    This is the Flex Dream conversion for the 100 Series if you want to make your cruiser look more traditional. Radical change over the way the UZJ100 looks in the USA. Toyota should have made a version of the 100 series like this from the factory, but currently only concentrates on sending Luxury...
  2. M

    Hi. I now own another of my dream cars: a 94 LC in green.

    268k miles. Front seats are destroyed. Sunroof pours water in the carwash. Runs like a beast after the synthetic oil change. $4000.
  3. T

    Should I Take My Dream Opportunity?

    Hello! I've studied the forum quite a bit, but finally created an account as I may be receiving an FJ40 soon! I have had a dream for several years to own an FJ40, and finally have an opportunity to as a friend of mine offered me a junked one in the woods way back on his property. I guess my...
  4. Sheck44

    Picked up a 2nd FJ ... Time to build my dream truck

    Well Im back after MANY years of building a full out pro-touring 1969 Camaro. The Camaro will be completed in the next 6 weeks, and then will be sold shortly after. This car is far to nice and far too expensive for me to drive. Thats why I've decided that after building and owning some extreme...
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