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  1. SHREDwagon

    SOLD 1999 UZj100 - TRD Supercharger, 3xLocked, ICON 2.5, 4:88, White

    Video walk around: More Photo's available here: Cruiser Life Drivetrain: - TRD Supercharger, Unichip Piggyback ECU - Nitro Gear 4.88 Gears, with recent bearings / seals - ARB Front Locker - OEM Rear E-Locker - ARB HO Compressor - Thorley Stainless headers with custom exhaust and OEM gaskets -...
  2. UZJ100 FOR SALE


  3. Kyle Currell

    For Sale 2000 Land Cruiser Expo Rig (Craigslist Denver)

    Uzj100 Land Cruiser I have no affiliation to this ad.
  4. cruzerDave

    Dissent Bumper Notification Tone

    In the course of drying my front bumper from Dissent in the hallway I bumped into it and was surprised at the beautiful 'gong' sound it made. It reminded me of a Buddhist temple bell. So I recorded it. And used it for my notification tone on my phone. Then endured crap from my kids...
  5. a_traut_man

    Traut100 2003 Land Cruiser Build

    Well I figured I should go ahead and put together a build thread capturing all that I am doing to my 2003 Land Cruiser. Over the last few months a lot has already happened (while prepping for HIH6) so some of this will be going back a little bit. So the end goal is for a set up that is...
  6. 114 - Front Dissent Bumper

    114 - Front Dissent Bumper

    Front bumper is on, winch, lights all of it is working. Time to go scratch it up.
  7. 076 - Dissent Off Road DIY Front Bumper

    076 - Dissent Off Road DIY Front Bumper

    Woo Hoo! Got my front bumper in. Oh geezzz.. That's a lot of parts that I have to weld together. I better practice my welding skillz (which is currently at level 1).
  8. 075 - Dissent Off Road??

    075 - Dissent Off Road??

    Hmm... This looks promising. Wait, I'm starting to remember now.
  9. 074 - I Received Another Box

    074 - I Received Another Box

    I wonder what it is???
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