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  1. C

    Builds Civil_Offroad’s Battle Cruiser

    Hey there MUD Fans I have been a long time lurker (since 2010) on this forum prior to my first Hundy. But, money, time, and work never really permitted me to get deep into adventure. Then came 2017, when I stumbled upon this 99 Land Cruiser (1B1 Champagne Pearl) in San Luis Obispo, CA. I...
  2. SHREDwagon

    SOLD  1999 UZj100 - TRD Supercharger, 3xLocked, ICON 2.5, 4:88, White

    Video walk around: More Photo's available here: Cruiser Life Drivetrain: - TRD Supercharger, Unichip Piggyback ECU - Nitro Gear 4.88 Gears, with recent bearings / seals - ARB Front Locker - OEM Rear E-Locker - ARB HO Compressor - Thorley Stainless headers with custom exhaust and OEM gaskets -...
  3. UZJ100 FOR SALE


  4. Kyle Currell

    For Sale  2000 Land Cruiser Expo Rig (Craigslist Denver)

    Uzj100 Land Cruiser I have no affiliation to this ad.
  5. cruzerDave

    Dissent Bumper Notification Tone

    In the course of drying my front bumper from Dissent in the hallway I bumped into it and was surprised at the beautiful 'gong' sound it made. It reminded me of a Buddhist temple bell. So I recorded it. And used it for my notification tone on my phone. Then endured crap from my kids...
  6. a_traut_man

    Traut100 2003 Land Cruiser Build

    Well I figured I should go ahead and put together a build thread capturing all that I am doing to my 2003 Land Cruiser. Over the last few months a lot has already happened (while prepping for HIH6) so some of this will be going back a little bit. So the end goal is for a set up that is...
  7. 114 - Front Dissent Bumper

    114 - Front Dissent Bumper

    Front bumper is on, winch, lights all of it is working. Time to go scratch it up.
  8. 076 - Dissent Off Road DIY Front Bumper

    076 - Dissent Off Road DIY Front Bumper

    Woo Hoo! Got my front bumper in. Oh geezzz.. That's a lot of parts that I have to weld together. I better practice my welding skillz (which is currently at level 1).
  9. 075 - Dissent Off Road??

    075 - Dissent Off Road??

    Hmm... This looks promising. Wait, I'm starting to remember now.
  10. 074 - I Received Another Box

    074 - I Received Another Box

    I wonder what it is???
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