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    1992 surf 2lte

    I’m new to Toyota and my surf has been awesome so far, however: when starting cold in the morning or after sitting all day at work the engine runs real Rough and misfires. Once it’s warmer and I’m driving. It runs flawlessly. supposedly it has: new injectors, glow plugs( I will be checking...
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    First Land Cruiser Purchase... Need Advice!

    I always dreamt of owning a classic 40 or 70 series Land Cruiser, so I found one this week and really want it. I started searching for more info about Land Cruisers and found your forum! Does somebody have advice about this LJ70 2.4 Turbo Diesel...
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    2L-T Diesel Pump allignment

    Hey guys A Friend of mine has a 1996 2.4 l Diesel Toyota Hilux (2L-T Engine) and asked me for advice / help. I am very familiar with 1HD, 1HZ, 1KD and 1KZ engine, but these engine don't have the diesel pump driven from the timing belt, so i hope to find some help here. We had to change the...
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    SOLD  xx xxxx xxx xxxx

    2.4l turbo charged engine. Sweet ride. 260k miles. Engine was rebuilt at 200k. $7,500 obo located in El Paso Tx
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