1. NLScooby

    Tranmission Drain Plug - the death of me....

    I totally porked myself today. I'm prepping the rig for a family vacation (a few thousand miles) and thought I'd hit the transmission fluid complete exchange... I just did the differentials and the transfer case.... I own the FSM. I could not find the transmission drain plug torque spec...
  2. smritte

    Death Valley Trip

    I just got back from a four day trip into Coso/Death Valley. There were 16 vehicles in this run. I normally don't like more than 5-6 so I was a bit apprehensive at the start. There was a pretty good mix of mostly Toyota's and a couple of Jeeps with 2 token Montero's. I was one of 3 FJ80's. Two...
  3. chap79

    Death Valley Run April

    @SoCalDesertCruiser Still on for the 8th-12th?
  4. canman

    BBC crew narrowly escapes death on Mt. Etna

    BBC TV crew injured in sudden lava explosion while scaling Mount Etna, southern Italy’s active volcano
  5. Skniper

    Life and death of an OME bushing

    My kid drives the 62 now so I'm not as aware of its daily creaks and groans, until I moved it out of the driveway a few days ago. Horrendous clunking/rattling with every move of the wheel. Long story short, several of the front OME Spring bushings were set completely GONE! The...
  6. Beej

    Am I asking for it, visiting Death Valley in July? What PM is needed to even consider it?

    Hey folks, I have a chance to do a couple week trip this summer and I'd love to hit all the great 4x4 spots in the Southwest. The trip has to start in Denver so I figured I'd try and wrap around and down through Death Valley and Reddington Pass and continue east to the Gulf region. I'm...
  7. alia176

    Death Valley 3/25/17 - 4/2/17

    The dates for this year's spring DV trip is 3/25/17 - 4/2/17. Leave on a Sat, return home on the following week Sunday. Hopefully we'll see the spring flower bloom in DV and not hit too much bad weather. However, bad weather is always a possibility in DV during that time of the year. This...
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