1. E

    Need some post accident advice :(

    Hey everyone, A sad day today. The driver's side of the Land Cruiser took a beating from (eh, maybe did more delivering of a beating to..) a little sedan today. Long story short, its first collision in 33 years :( I guess I'm thankful that it wasn't much worse...but I'm still annoyed at the...
  2. P

    Wanted LC 100 in working order but ugly and cheap, even crash (near SLCity)

    MY Wife "Appropriate" polar bear from me so i need to find another 100, low budget, but I'm not afraid of fixing anything cosmetics, rust, metal work, parts replace, etc.. please be gentle.. PS: I really love this trucks, I'm so impress with them in every possible way.
  3. C

    Crash aftermath strategy?

    Wrecked my LX yesterday. Pretty bummed right now, but glad everyone is OK. 40mph collision and a dual front airbag deployment has me thinking this is almost assuredly a totaled vehicle now. It's a shame, it was a real keeper. I filed a claim this morning and am expecting to hear back from an...
  4. Foreigner

    Lost a FedEx package in Utah? I know where it went. . .

    That crossing gate was a little slow on the uptake . . .er. . .letdown. . . :doh:
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