1. jakobpeyerl

    BJ60 @ 90kph vs. Honda Civic - Another reason glad I drive a 60

    Hopefully I'm in the right section of the forum for this kind of post. So, on the afternoon of September 13th, the dreaded finally happened. I've been driving my 60 since the day I turned 16, and 3 years on, I've had a "serious" crash in it. I was doing 90kph along a secondary highway, when a...
  2. theglobb

    ARB Bumper Appreciation Post

    A kid my age ran a red light on the 23rd and I ended up crashing into him, the amount of damage to his car vs my mighty 62 is just absurd. What you see is the only damage done to my car. Saved him a wholeeeeee lot of $$$. Anyways go buy a bull bumper.
  3. BakerFJ

    My First Accident

    Got in my first accident ever the other night... Figured I'd post the story and my progress on repairs here as I'd kinda like to talk about it and seek some advice on repairs. So the other night it was raining pretty hard, no biggie. I've always been a good driver. I was driving down a curvy...
  4. E

    Need some post accident advice :(

    Hey everyone, A sad day today. The driver's side of the Land Cruiser took a beating from (eh, maybe did more delivering of a beating to..) a little sedan today. Long story short, its first collision in 33 years :( I guess I'm thankful that it wasn't much worse...but I'm still annoyed at the...
  5. P

    Wanted  LC 100 in working order but ugly and cheap, even crash (near SLCity)

    MY Wife "Appropriate" polar bear from me so i need to find another 100, low budget, but I'm not afraid of fixing anything cosmetics, rust, metal work, parts replace, etc.. please be gentle.. PS: I really love this trucks, I'm so impress with them in every possible way.
  6. C

    Crash aftermath strategy?

    Wrecked my LX yesterday. Pretty bummed right now, but glad everyone is OK. 40mph collision and a dual front airbag deployment has me thinking this is almost assuredly a totaled vehicle now. It's a shame, it was a real keeper. I filed a claim this morning and am expecting to hear back from an...
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