1. B

    Very Strange Issue - 3rd Gen Diesel Surf/4R Hard to Start When Warm

    Hi everyone, I am a long time reader of the forums and finally decided to come to you, the experts with a problem that has plagued me for well over a year now. I have a 2000 Hilux Surf 1KZ-TE diesel (KZN185), roughly 240,000km on the block I rebuilt the engine about 3 years ago after some...
  2. markdrm1

    Cranking but not catching

    Evening fellow LC enthusiasts, My 91 is cranking but not running. I have checked and the fuel pump is working fine. Tried a new igniter (that I hopefully can return) to no avail. I ran across this EFI flow chart that I have seen around here...
  3. handcannon

    What's Better, Two 12V Batteries In Parallel, Or Two 6V Batteries In Series

    While reading the current thread "HJ60 starter system issue" I started thinking about dual batteries in a 12 volt system. This is something I've wondered about before, but never could get any definitive answers for. My question is this: which can be stronger/better, dual 12V batteries wired up...
  4. thex1231

    FJ80 91 Won´t START Help!

    Hey guys I stopped using my FJ80 for a month or so and after that it loss power and it had a very rough idle so I thought it was the fuel pump and indeed it was failing so I have replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter and she cranks but it will not start. I checked for spark and there is good...
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