1. cruiserpilot

    Sleeping in the truck camping cot

    Ok, so there are a million ways to crash in the back of a land cruiser. But the trade off is always there. I've got a RTT, but I miss not being able to pack a canoe. The added height is a real issue on some trails. I built a wooden platform for a cot I have, but once it's in there it's a real...
  2. ewillis

    Camping Cot

    Getting off the ground this year and need to purchase in 3 weeks. What are you guys using? Just interested in standard camping cots, not tent cots or RTT.
  3. E

    Cot Tent as a Roof Top Tent

    I was planning on purchasing a RTT for my LC for about the last year. I spend a lot of nights camping on the salt flats, and really like the idea of being off of the ground. However, all of the roof top tents I looked at were very heavy (100 pounds plus), and took up most of the rack. Since I...
  4. Cruiser Jimmy

    Ultra Lite Cot

    Anyone seen this cot on the market? I was doing a search in ADV Rider and found it. When you don't have electricity to blow up a Big Agnes I though this might come in handy with a non expedition ready rig...
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