1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Winterial Double wide outdoor Tent Cot - sleeps two. Huge and fast to set up. Beats rooftop camping!

    SoCal - NO SHIPPING This was used a total of 3 times. This is a far better, stronger, wider more comfortable top quality unit than the ones sold for less. It sets up in 3 minutes, and although I use it for just me, has room for two. Fits nicely in the cargo area of my cruiser or can be...
  2. cruiserpilot

    Sleeping in the truck camping cot

    Ok, so there are a million ways to crash in the back of a land cruiser. But the trade off is always there. I've got a RTT, but I miss not being able to pack a canoe. The added height is a real issue on some trails. I built a wooden platform for a cot I have, but once it's in there it's a real...
  3. ewillis

    Camping Cot

    Getting off the ground this year and need to purchase in 3 weeks. What are you guys using? Just interested in standard camping cots, not tent cots or RTT.
  4. E

    Cot Tent as a Roof Top Tent

    I was planning on purchasing a RTT for my LC for about the last year. I spend a lot of nights camping on the salt flats, and really like the idea of being off of the ground. However, all of the roof top tents I looked at were very heavy (100 pounds plus), and took up most of the rack. Since I...
  5. Cruiser Jimmy

    Ultra Lite Cot

    Anyone seen this cot on the market? I was doing a search in ADV Rider and found it. When you don't have electricity to blow up a Big Agnes I though this might come in handy with a non expedition ready rig...
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