1. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  22" Cook Partner from Partner Steel Co.

    Won this is a raffle and do not have use for it. I have the 22" and this is taken from the website linked. "We have incorporated some important features requested by users. This stove has the burners spaced 12" apart to more easily accommodate 10" pans. Additionally, the grill spacing has been...
  2. MDarius

    Your experience outdoor cooking for over 100 people

    My wife and I have been tagged to be in charge of meals for a church youth camp this summer. We're serving 170 to 220 people dinner every night, without electricity. We have a couple sinks, but no other amenities. I'd love to hear ideas and suggestions from this group...Other than find a...
  3. ScottT

    Titanium cup ( not that kind)

    Is anyone using single wall titanium cups or pots for camping? Pros and cons of what you are using? For me durability icampings more of a factor than weight. It needs to be able to go in a fire.
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