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  1. BillyG2014LC200

    For Sale  (DELAWARE) IRONMAN Foam Cell Pro 200 Series rear coil springs - (2" Lift) Performance Load (0-660)

    I recently purchased a IRONMAN Foam Cell Pro 2" Lift kit for my 2014 Land Cruiser. The rear springs were designed for more of a constant load and actually lifted the rear of my truck 3" instead of the advertised 2" of lift. I will never install a heavy after market rear bumper or cargo boxes...
  2. CruiseLanderAZ

    Wanted  Wanted - OME 2865 springs (Phoenix AZ)

    Looking to buy some 865's. I'm located in Phoenix AZ but will consider shipping if not local Thanks in advance
  3. J

    For Sale  OME 2862 Coil Springs

    Hey guys, I've got a set of 2862 coil springs that will work with an 80 series or a 100 series. Still in the box, never used. Asking $150 and open to offers. PM if interested.
  4. U

    80's Series Coil Springs

    My coil springs on my 80s series land cruiser (93). I was doing some work on the bearings a couple of days ago and I noticed one wasn't like the other. My driver's side is ok, but the passenger side one, something has broken off inside the coil spring. I'm not sure what it is.
  5. T

    Long Travel Rear Coil springs ? (Longer than stock Length)

    Recently I decided I would remove the spacer on the rear 3.0 KING bypass shocks, that extended the shock shaft about an inch. Which means one inch of extra down travel and increased internal piston movement so added travel. This in combination with the total chaos extended rear links (upper &...
  6. JPTX

    SOLD  Eibach / Strutmasters Rear Coil Springs (80/100 series)

    2 Strutmasters/Eibach Rear Springs up for sale. These are sold as part of a kit to replace the AHC system on LX470s. Ride height was 1-2" higher than my friends stock '02 LC. Springs are in great shape and were only on the truck for 30k miles. Asking $125 OBO - willing to ship at buyer's expense.
  7. P

    School me on coils springs - tilting FJ80

    Y'all, take me to school. I've tried to do some research (read the FAQ) on coil springs, different lengths, weights and what not. I cannot seem to get my head around it. I'm trying to at least get my FJ80 level and fix the tilt it has. It's a 91 and not stock height, but not sure what...
  8. Jonbdawg

    Wanted  OME 850j

    Looking for Ome 850j springs for an 80. New or used if in good shape. Thanks Jon
  9. S

    For Sale  Old Man Emu 2860 coil springs

    For sale: One pair of OME 2860 coil springs. These are designed for 2.5" inches of lift on a medium load. These springs have roughly 14,000 miles on them. $100.00
  10. S

    2863's or 2864's

    How much different are the ARB 2863 coil springs from the 2864 coil springs? I'm concerned the 2864's might be overkill, but I don't know. What's the difference in ride, height, load, etc? Here's what I'm hauling. It's a 2000 LC100. I have an OME 2.5" medium duty lift on it. I have a metal tech...
  11. Danger Cruiser

    For Sale  Stock Rear Coil Springs

    Wondering if anyone who has an upgraded 80 would be willing to donate their stock height coil springs. My AHC is taking a dump on me. I'm thinking of retrofitting Land Cruiser Springs/Shocks to my recently purchased LX 470
  12. vishmuzty

    SOLD  LX470 AHC coil springs and torsion bars

    ** Update: No longer available *** Coils and torsion bars removed from my '05 LX 470 during AHC conversion. Truck has 220k miles, underbody is spotless with zero rust. The torsion bars literally slid out of the anchors. Free to a good home. Buyer pays shipping, or local pickup in Farmington or...
  13. JackAttack13

    For Sale  OME 2865 Coil Springs - 100 Series

    I have a set of barely used OME 2865 coil springs off of my 1999 100 Series. Used for about 4 months, went on one trip and realized they were not up to the task of carrying a fully loaded rig, with rear bumper etc. Upgraded to a heavier spring. Asking 100 bucks. Located in Lone Tree, CO...

    For Sale  Slee 6" coil springs FJ80 Landcruiser used Sacramento,Ca.

    Lowered Price $200 Selling a used set of Slee 6" medium rate springs for an FJ80. $200 Prefer local pick up near Sacramento,Ca. Will ship on your dime.:) from 95678
  15. reznunt

    For Sale  OME 2860 coil springs

  16. brianrride

    For Sale  OME 2864 Coil Springs (Used)

    SOLD........I need to figure out how to delete this !!!!! I don't think I was heavy enough for these so I went to the 2863's. The 64's were used for a small period of 6 months or so and this was on a weekend car, not a daily driver. $135 shipped in US...let me know and thanks!
  17. JLH911

    Question on OME coil springs

    I'm planning on putting some of these springs on my 97 LX450, which will eventually have a bullbar, winch etc and I was told the springs to get to get a 4"(unladen) lift would be the OME 2850 and 2863. Trouble is, I gave the sales person and old OME part numbers (850J and 863J)and he said that...
  18. F

    Wanted  2861/62 ome coil springs fzj80

    hello mudders, I'm interested in picking up a set of lightly used ome coil springs to remedy the 20+ years of coil sag in my stock fzj80. Does anyone have a set of 2861 front and 2862 rear coil springs for sale? Thanks for you help. Jon
  19. F

    Wanted  2861/62 ome coil springs

    hello mudders, I'm interested in picking up a set of lightly used ome coil springs to remedy the 20+ years of coil sag in my stock fzj80. Does anyone have a set of 2861 front and 2862 rear coil springs for sale? Thanks for you help. Jon
  20. miguelhalonzo

    For Sale  Coil Springs FJ80 Front and Rear

    Hey folks I'm selling a pair of front and rear Coil Springs of FZJ80 [/URL][/IMG] MP for more information
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