1. Rusty 72

    SOLD  Chevy engine conversion parts

    Well my new F.5 engine ate the rear main bearings. It ran about 1 minute. Now I am looking for all the parts to install a 350 chevy.
  2. M

    For Sale  1965 fJ-40 $2500

    I have a 1965 toyota land cruiser. It needs a lot of work but has a lot of potential. The title is clean, front window is original, spring over, saginaw power steering box, no seats, after market soft top, some bubbling rust, 2 sets tires (super swamper boggers and TSL,) a bunch of hardware in a...
  3. G

    What to look for in V8 FJ62 for sale

    Hey everybody, been in the 80 series tech forum a bit trying to get opinions on a few 80's for sale and joining the Land Cruiser club. I've been scrolling for months and just haven't seemed to find the perfect match yet so I've broadened my horizons into the 60's series. (I'm a bigger fan of the...
  4. O

    For Sale  Cummins 4BT with Chevy auto + accessories

    Hi everybody, First off, I would like to let you know that even though this is showing as my first post, “it isn’t”. I have been away from here for a long time. I think my original username was YVFJs, but I’m not sure. I tried to log several times with that username and it didn’t work. Maybe...
  5. T

    For Sale  Headers, exhaust, fj-40, Chevy 350, stainless

    I am selling a set of stainless fenderwell exit headers and full exhaust for a FJ-40 with a Chevy 350. I don't know the brand, but the headers are full stainless, very nice 3/8" flanges, and in really good shape. Side exit exhaust mufflers and hangers included. Asking $200. Call or text...
  6. Randy88FJ62

    Chevy 63" and FZJ80 FF Swamp

    It starts today. After going to the junk yard over a year ago and pulling springs then buying an axle off a club member I am ready to pull / cut the rear out today. I bought the ruffstuff chevy swap kit to use with the spings. A friend in my club works at a tow company and days before this lift...

    409 chevy big block

    Any one have one in a 60-62? If so post some photos and a few words on the fun it was to do.
  8. sic4x4chic

    craigslist  1995 Land Cruiser with Chevy 383 Swap (Twin Falls, ID)

    *NOT MINE - NO AFFILIATION* 1995 Toyota Fj80 Land Cruiser $17,500 Looks like no lockers Description: 1995 Toyota Fj80 Land Cruiser Professionally built and installed new 383 Chevrolet engine Msd electronic fuel injection 700r4 transmission Old man emu 3by2 inch leveling kit 129,000 miles less...
  9. Rusty 72

    235 Chevy distributor in F.5

    I have found a few threads on using a Chevy dist. in the F engine. It ranges from, it will blow up my engine to it will run excellent with a recurve and petronix installed. Does anybody have real world experience using a 235 distributor? Here is the numbers on my dist.
  10. Obtainium

    For Sale  91 HZJ73 with Chevy lump so LTJ73?

    Not mine. I wouldn't do this to a diesel LC. Need your help wrapping my head around why anyone would toss a 1HZ. There's plenty of turbo kits out there??!! 1991 Toyota Other LX
  11. E

    TruckVault #3 for Chevy Suburban - SoCal

    TRUCKVAULT 3: 2007 + Suburban OR Trade for: 1. Arb ( or similar) bumper for 100 series (99 LX470) 2. Will do partial/total trade for AMMO (NEW -factory loaded only). This listing is for one Truck Vault designed for Chevrolet Suburban. Size without Wings: 28L X 49W X 13 1/4H. The unit does not...
  12. E

    TruckVault #2 for Chevy Tahoe - SoCal

    TRUCKVAULT 2: 2007+ Tahoe OR Trade for: 1. Arb ( or similar) bumper for 100 series (99 LX470) 2. Will do partial/total trade for AMMO (NEW -factory loaded only). This listing is for one Truck Vault designed for the Chevrolet Tahoe Years 2007 as a custom Investigator Style. Size without...
  13. E

    TruckVault#1 for Chevy Tahoe - SoCal

    TRUCKVAULT 1: 2000-2006 Tahoe OR Trade for: 1. Arb ( or similar) bumper for 100 series (99 LX470) 2. Will do partial/total trade for AMMO (NEW -factory loaded only). This listing is for one Truck Vault designed for the Chevrolet Tahoe Years 2000-2006 as Command Center for Special...
  14. C

    For Sale  08 Chevy Kodiak C4500

  15. CabinetMan1

    For Sale  chevy V8 to FJ60 4 speed adapter

    I have the adapter, bell housing and clutch assembly to mate a FJ60 4 speed transmission to a small block chev. Also I have the 4 speed transmission. Rebuilt 40 K ago Shifts perfect. $250.00 for adapter, Bell housing and clutch. $ 450.00 for transmission.
  16. eplazajennings

    1993 LS Swap (6.0L LQ4 and built 4L60e)

    Starting my build thread on my LS swapped 80's series. This truck was purchased new by my father back in 1993 and was passed down to me when I began driving. Since then, I've absolutely fallen in love with the truck and made an extensive number of modifications including: ARB bull bar/winch...
  17. Kyletb

    Chevy 350 Swap

    Hey guy I have an 84 fj60 and I'm looking to put a chevy 350 tbi in it this winter. If any of you guys have done this before and could create a parts list for me that would be great. I want to keep the price as low as possible. I don't know what I want for a transmission yet but I would like to...
  18. HemiAlex

    LS (5.3) vs Turbo Diesel (4BD1T, B3.3): Which is the better compromise?

    I'm working away from home with a good bit of free time, so while I'm bored in the mean time I like to think about ways to spend money that I've not made yet :bang: I've just refreshed the top end of my 2F. The previous compression test numbers were in the 140 range. I know at 280,000 its got...
  19. CoastalBill

    Convert to Chevy or Not

    I have a '76 BJ40. Someone wired the two batteries in series instead of parallel and may have fried the starter, glow plugs, and many other things. Before I sink a lot of $$ into fixing it, I am wondering about whether I should go ahead and convert it with a small block Vortec. I know the...
  20. jesus888

    Chevy 350 TBI help - Won't start...

    Alright boys... need some help... who would you take your truck to (in Atlanta) or what else would you try if you had this problem Chevy 350 TBI out of a 92 Chevy 1500 pickup (was a crate motor) Driving last week, and it stalled and can't get it started... noticed coil wire disconnected from...
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