1. sunrk

    Fitting a full rear bar (with wheel carriers) to 80 series

    I currently have an Opposite Lock (Australian made by Outback Accessories) RHS wheel carrier fitted to my barn-door 80 series. It's been great, but my 80 has no rear chassis/body protection so I'm going to look at getting a full rear bar and dual wheel carrier. I'm presuming that the rear...
  2. sunrk

    Do you cover your spare wheel(s) or not if on a rear carrier ?

    If you have a rear wheel carrier that holds spares behind the rear barn doors or tailgate, do you cover your spare(s) or just leave them uncovered? Given that the spare(s) are going to be getting bulk sun-time and never rotate on the spare wheel carrier(s), what's the likelihood that spare(s)...
  3. Serge1988

    Wanted  front differential 1994

    I’m looking for front differential fo my Land Cruiser 1994.
  4. Volcanic Iceberg

    I may have done something bad....third member help

    Last night I dove into replacing my rear axle seals on my 74' FJ40 since my drum brakes were contaminated. I had helped a buddy once, but it has been years since then. I have a lunch box locker and got confused once I opened it up. Anyway, I inadvertently unbolted the 4 carrier bolts .... How...
  5. 4dmalamute

    Wanted  Rear tire carrier for FZJ80 needed

    I am looking to purchase a used rear tire/bumper carrier for my 1994 FZJ80. If anyone is parting out or wanting to sell theirs please let me know. I am located in Sacramento Ca. and can drive a couple hundred miles if need be. Cheers!
  6. Matt1260

    Wanted  Spare Tire Carrier Catch

    Does anyone have one of these RH spare tire catches they'd want to part with?
  7. Hilndr1701

    For Sale  Hitch Mounted Swingout Spare Tire Carrier

    $500.00 OBO. Custom heavy duty swingout hitch mounted spare tire carrier. Works great without any wobble or play. Based on the Wilco design, works with 2" hitch. Great for the weekend warrior. This is not an official Wilco but a custom made item based on their design made with thicker steel. It...
  8. gator25

    75 spare carrier on late model sill

    We got our sill from Real Steel Cruiser Parts along all the repair panels, with the exception of the small patches I got from @rkymtnflyfisher .(Thanks Ryan) After fretting about where exactly to mount the spare tire carrier, studying @TractorDoc pics, waiting on the right latch, finally got...
  9. Thomas08

    Wanted  Spare Tire Carrier

    I am looking for a spare tire carrier complete with hinges for a Toyota FJ40 1974. I would like one that does not need much repair. I appreciate your response. Tom
  10. Indygbd

    For Sale  Fst model spare tire carrier

    This is a fst model spare tire carrier from a 1967 fj40. Designed to close around fold down tailgate latch. From an Arizona vehicle. Very clean carrier. 250.00 Plus shipping
  11. AggiePE

    For Sale  FJ60 bumpers, tow package, afternarket tire carrier

    Installed my Trail Tailor rear bumper today abs I have a factory rear bumper and a factory front bumper with tabs for my 8" hella lights to get he off the grille for sale. I also have a draw tite 2" receiver hitch that was blasted and painted a few years back. I have the factory 60 rear tow bar...
  12. L

    Rear tire/gas tank carrier damages multiplier?

    Hello All, I was looking at the rear bumper with rear tire or gas tank carrier attached, and have a question on the rigidity of those carriers. I have no prior experience on that, and would like to learn from you guys. Do they flex and hit the rear door when the truck is hit from behind. I...
  13. Trailortrash

    Wanted  1973 tire carrier latch.

    PO replaced the rear sill on my jalopy and I need the rear tire carrier catch. I believe I have everything else. Thank you.
  14. Q

    '93 pickup-rear bumper/tire carrier

    Hello, I have a '93 pickup and am need of a rear bumper with tire carrier. I was thinking something along the lines of 4x4labs and CBI styling. Does anyone have a lead on someone who would be able to make one? I've talked to a few local shops but none have ever done a tire carrier before. Here...
  15. Farmboy29455

    For Sale  1975 FJ40 spare tire carrier

    Complete with brackets - $100 plus freight from 97070.
  16. Dork

    Double Shear Tire Carrier Hinge/Spindle Question

    Hey So, having a bit of trouble finding an answer for this. On my last vehicle I built a rear bumper and did the "great big bolt through some bronze bushings thing" for a hinge, and it worked OK. Wasn't pretty or anything. Now that I have a Cruiser, I want to do something nicer. I was...
  17. Dave Fallesen

    Wanted  FJ40 Tire carrier

    Hi all, I posted a while ago and thought I had what I was looking for from one of the guys on here but they disappeared so not sure what happened, hopefully all is OK with them. Anyway, I'm still looking for a spare tire carrier complete with all hinges and hooks, pre 74 type, to fit onto the...
  18. Hiace4wd

    Swing out tire carrier questions

    I want to have a carrier fabricated for my spare tire on the right, and a box + jerry can on the left. I can't weld myself but I can make a drawing for the guy who is going to weld it, and buy the right hinges and stuff. It should be mounted on the hitch plate which is allowed to tow 2000kg, so...
  19. Dudleyfj40

    For Sale  77 Tube style tire carrier Dune Beige SOLD

    I have a stock tube style carrier off a 76 or newer. I sand blasted, primed, and sprayed it base/clear with dune beige. $300 shipped. CONUS OBO
  20. Tapage

    Swing out tire carrier strut ..

    Long time having my bumper with tire carrier in all my cruisers .. and just wanna make them a little better adding the strut / lift .. I try one from monroe 901480 :: e-Catalog :: MONROE® SHOCKS & STRUTS and on the first use ( opening ) it broke one of the plastic ends .. guess it just...
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