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  1. H

    FJ80 Hand Brake Cable

    I have not been able to use my hand break for quite some time. I recently purchased a Raybestos Brake Cable (BC 94525) and installed it. The cable appears to be too long. Has anyone had any experience with the raybestos product and can tell me if they are crap or did I just get a bad cable? Thanks,
  2. bertsulli

    Parking Brake Cable Attachment

    I'm fixing up my parking brake assembly as it had been leaking oil all over the place. Finally putting it back together and I can't wrestle the compression cable back into it's seat. Is there a trick to this? Are newer cables easier to compress? Should I remove the cable completely and do on...
  3. CruiserWeight

    E-Brake Problem!

    For some odd reason the previous owner of the FJ60 I recently acquired removed the Emergency brake cable, only god knows why. Does anyone know how and where to route the replacement cable (from e-brake lever to drum breaks), Images and links greatly Appreciated.
  4. mechanist

    Parking brake will not disengage

    2009 GX470; 97,*** mi. Seems something is wrong with the parking brake. Any thoughts or insight are greatly appreciated. Background: Just bought it. Got it home. Called Lexus to schedule baseline of fluids, belts, hoses, and timing belt service. We know the brakes grab HARD with very little...
  5. Boogie Chicken

    automatic tranny swap for FJ

    anyone have any suggestions on extending the brake cable for an automatic tranny swap
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