1. Lucy11

    Borla Cat Back install on '96 Land Cruiser - HELP!

    Got her running awesome after major head gasket work but then the whole exhaust went (was 5 months not running in driveway during HG fix, so exhaust rusted through). I am trying to get my new Borla Cat Back up over the rear axle and it's a B****! Has anyone installed the Borla CB? Is it...
  2. ch26

    Borla vs custom exhaust pics please

    Hi thinking of doing a new exhaust and want to have your input would like it to breath more and get better mpg it would be great if you guys had pics of both
  3. G

    Borla Exhaust issue?

    Hey All- cant believe this is my first post- this site has been such an incredible resource- you guys are a bunch of Jedis! i have a 96 who is scratching at 200k (here she is after i photo shopped my suggestions for the new postal carrier trucks) and the exhaust went- so after a bit of...
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