Borla Exhaust Fitment?

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May 25, 2020
Washington State, USA
Hello, I just finished installing my two new exhaust manifolds, and boy, what a job! Not quite as bad as I thought, but definitely something I never want to do again. Anyways, because this Cruiser is sentimental and special to me (my Father owned it), I have decided to replace the entire exhaust. I will be doing OEM Toyota Cats and Mid pipe, but I am considering going for the Borla instead of the OEM Catback. I had a Borla on one of my Mini Coopers, and really liked the look and subtle sound it gave. My only concern is that I read the exhaust tip on the Borla is a 4” diameter, compared to the 2.5” diameter on the stock Toyota. I have a trailer hitch on my Cruiser that the exhaust goes through; do any of you guys know if the Borla will fit Without modification? I don’t want to modify the exhause and take it to a shop for welding, so if it doesn’t work, I will just go with the stock Toyota again.

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