1. tampacruiser95

    For Sale  Ohio: 2006 BMW M5

    Selling my 2006 BMW M5. It has 86XXX miles. Black on black color, inside and out. Exterior is 9/10. Interior is 10/10. I am selling it because I bought it pre-COVID and now don't want the extra payment. It was a California car, titled in California in my name. It's the fastest car I've ever...
  2. J

    E46 BMW Seats into FJ62 (Powered) - Help!

    Hey Mud - I am embarking on one of my first seat swaps. Grabbed some E46 coupe (I know they are harder) BMW 3 series seats for $100 locally. Now I’m staring at the bottom of the seat wondering where the hell this red (12v power) wire and brown (grounding) wire are that everyone talks about...
  3. robstercraw

    Wanted  BMW seat rails for FJ60

    Hi there - looking to swap my seats and curious if anyone has any of the 5 series seat rails for my ‘87 FJ60 that they’re willing to sell. Let me know... thanks!!
  4. athensrep

    For Sale  1971 BMW 2002 Roundie - Atlanta

    Figured I'd throw it up here. Lot of spammers and interest out of state, but no real people showing up yet. This would be a good winter project for someone wanting a decent '02 at a fair price. Bought it from my neighbor who had it since the mid-eighties. 1971 BMW 2002 - roundie
  5. T

    SOLD  BMW Seats and TorFab brackets-pre 4/86

    Have for sale BMW seat brackets from Torfab. These are for the early 60/62 models. 3/86 and older. I initially purchased the wrong brackets and luckily, upon emailing Adam at Torfab, they happened to be in the process of fabricating these. Unfortunately, I'm selling my 60 and won't be installing...
  6. goose4433

    For Sale  FJ60 TorFab BMW seat brackets

    These are for the later model 60's. Bought them from Tor last year and they have sat in a box since then until I could source seats. The PO deleted the stock mounts in my truck so they are totally unused. I was thinking $100 plus shipping. They do have a bit of rust on them, see below
  7. NookShneer

    SOLD  *SOLD* BMW Seat Brackets (Torfab) late 60/62 - WA

    Purchased a seat of BMW seats and they came with the brackets. These didn't work for my early 60 body style. For late 60 and 62 they are a bolt on application. They will not work with 60's before 04/86 due to changes to the floorpan. From Torfab site: Bolt in seat brackets for any 1994-2014...
  8. J

    For Sale  V12 6speed E34 BMW on BaT

    You may have seen it discussed here before. Now that the weather is clearing I've put the V12 swapped 95 E34 up for auction on Bring a Trailer. 1995 BMW 530i V12 6-Speed Low reserve. Bid early, bid often, help fund my next TLC purchase!
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