1. chelfy

    For Sale 2002 Lexus LX 470 Center Dash Navigation / Radio Trim Bezel Woodgrain 100 series

    This navigation / radio trim was taken out of my 2002 Lexus LX 470 with Mark Levinson Navigation. It may be compatible with previous year models, buyer responsible for compatibility check. I believe the part # is 84010-60220 I took this out of my vehicle when doing a retro-fit of an...
  2. R

    SOLD Repo 40 bezel

    Had this for a few years and has been hanging on the wall. Just set it on my 40. Fits pretty good. Needs mounting holes drilled. $200 plus shipping.
  3. TXBruiser

    Wanted Bezels

    Looking to purchase Bibs for FJ40 and FJ55. Wife is pregnant and is allowing me to have a FJ Bib wall in the baby room. Looking for Bibs with glass lights and the light bezels. condition just needs to be non rusted. I am going to respray some, and others leave the patina. I prefer local...
  4. ihatecrashing

    Wanted FJ80 Window Switch Bezels

    Looking for brown bezels that fit around the window switches for all four doors in a '92 FJ80. Will pay shipping to Redding, Ca.
  5. mongoose2231

    For Sale Rear hatch bezel in nice condition.

    I have this nice bezel that I was keeping as a spare. It had a bit of surface rust on the back side. I meadia blasted it and then primered and enameled it. It should last forever now. The front side chrome is in very good condition. The plastic toyo logo has a bit of fading in a couple spots. I...
  6. mrjordann

    FJ40 Headlight Bezel- is it upside down?

    hello! I recently bought an FJ40. I have always believed that the headlight bezel should be 'thick side up'. When I bought it, the thick side of the bezel was down. So I flipped it. Here is a picture of it now. I thought I fixed it, but now the Toyota emblem doesn't look centered. Is the front...
  7. dffj6288

    Electrical probs after ac bezel replacement

    So I popped off my old, broken, rattling ac bezel and put in a new uncracked one I found. Now my up/down antenna function doesn't work my cigarette lighter doesn't work as well as my power mirrors. What did I do? Did I trip something idk. It was a simple swap, now I have three functions not...
  8. dpcustoms

    For Sale FJ60 Toyota Tailgate Light Bezel FJ60 FJ62 USED

    This part looks ok from about 10 feet away. Up close, you will see scratches and a spot with a couple dings in it and a very slight bend. There's a little surface rust behind it. It works fine but will need new 12v bulbs. I have 24v bulbs in it so you can use them to reference size. This...
  9. Charles4x4

    FJ60 Headlight Bezel & Grill Height/Length

    Hi, I'm thinking of retrofitting a FJ60 round headlight bezel and grill onto my first gen 4runner ('87). Can someone tell me the height/width of the a) headlight bezel and b) grill with TOYOTA embelem on a FJ60? I'm going to see if it's close enough to be possible - I know some "fabrication"...
  10. tglaser

    Wanted FJ40 Front Bezel '58-78 Central TX

    Need a front bezel for my 69 FJ40. Good shape hopefully, but I don't mind painting it. I believe compatible years are 1958-78. In Austin, TX. Let me know what you've got.
  11. 4

    Wanted door bezel screw and seatbelt bolt

    I am in need of the phillips screws that hold the bezels on the door in an 82 FJ40, I actually need 4 pieces . I also need the bolt that holds the shoulder harness to the roll bar , mine is stripped. 1982 FJ40
  12. Y

    Bezel question

    What are the significant difference between round and square bezel?
  13. M

    Wanted FJ60 Front Grill & Light Bezel

    Looking for BROKEN OR BUSTED front grill and headlight bezel. Chances are you tossed your old broken pieces, but maybe you have something in the parts pile. Please send me a pic of why you have and maybe it'll work for my project. Will pay for shipping and toss in a few bucks for a few beers...
  14. mr jits

    For Sale Square Bezel (OR)

    Probably needs to be sanded and painted. $150 shipped.
  15. DoubleNickels

    For Sale SOLD SOLD SOLD (Boise) FJ60 License Plate Bezel

    Pretty darn good shape. Very slight amount of rust discoloration, rubber gasket intact, slight crack in one lens. $75 plus shipping. Thanks! SOLD -Calvin
  16. houstonfj40

    Wanted 81-87 FJ60 Center Instrument Bezel

    This is the plastic part that surrounds the heater control and switches. Not broken, or limited crack/s Thanks, Marc
  17. tucker74

    Blackjack 40

    After tinkering with a diesel FJ55 for the last 5 years I was missing having a SWB 40, fate would have it my friend Georg happened to be selling one for a client about the same time. The truck is a '76 he had built for a local local pilot to run the Rubicon, it's not perfect but as rust free as...
  18. S

    Parting Out complete '89 fj62, 300k, motor runs, bad trans

    a friend in my neighborhood has been driving this as DD for past year or 2. To my knowledge it ran fine and was reliable for her until trans went out. She decided she was not going to replace trans so I ended up buying for a couple of items that I wanted to replace on my FJ62. The big items I...
  19. W

    Series 80 Dash switch bezel / any interest???

    Ok so I have been trying to track down one of those Gamiviti Dash panels that go above the radio in place of the useless cubby that is there now with no luck. Emailed Gamiviti and they advice that they are discontinued ... i have someone that can make something similar is there any interest out...
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