1. JCruse

    I need help finding a good gas BBQ of a certain size.

    I'm trying to find a BBQ grill that will fit inside the slide-out kitchen I'm building. It can be no longer than 22", no deeper than 16", and no taller than 9" to 12". The height is negotiable because the taller it is the smaller the drawer underneath it will have to be, and there's not much...
  2. decavo

    South Carolina mustard base BBQ sauce recipe needed

    Turned my girl onto to some bottled stuff I found at a fiery food festival... Now I need to find something close to it.... BTW,,, she hated BBQ sauce until I had her try this....
  3. dbenke

    Car show at Bessingers BBQ Wed. April 5

    Anybody interested in going? I'll be there around 6. This is way different than Cars and Coffee. Lots more eye candy to look at. It'll be fun.
  4. CharlestonG8R

    March 4th BBQ at Casa de la Yardboy

    Low Country Folks, The time for our Spring BBQ is quickly approaching! We need to start figuring out food and fixin's. Last time we did this, the barbecue was generously provided by Randy and Pam. This time around will be a bit different since they didn't win a raffle for free barbecue...
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