1. J

    Want to put 16x10 rims with 305/70r16 km3

    I have 2001 sequoia I got for very cheap 2200 n low miles only 154k very good condition just finished rebuilding top end of motor bc I wanted to refresh everything and replace original starter. The truck currently at stock height I believe with original 16x7 rims running 285/70r16 not even close...
  2. 3

    good reason for the correct backspacing

    pulled this parts rig home a few weeks ago and removed the front tires and this is what I found.
  3. M

    Help with 16" & 17" Wheel Selection

    I am looking to place an order for new wheels and tires for the FJ62. Stock suspension now, but will have OME Heavy suspension in the near future. At that time, these wheels and tires will be installed. I am having difficulty navigating the facts from experiences on the infamous wheels that...
  4. BurnsTACP

    16" wheel specs for 35x12.5 on KZJ78 with 4" lift???

    Hey guys I'm about to put a Dobinsons 4" kit and Nitto 35x12.5" Trail Grapplers on my KZJ78. I'm having trouble figuring out what wheel specs I need to minimize trimming keep from having to run spacers. I'm ok with things sitting a tad outside the flares, and I prefer a wider track. The main...
  5. bryanb

    Correct Backspacing for 345/75/16???

    What would be ideal backspacing for a 16x9" wheel to minimize rubbing? Or, if you know in terms of 16x8 wheels, still please share your input. It'll be easy for me to figure out how to adapt that to a 16x9. I currently have 315/75/16s mounted to 16x9 wheels with 3.5" backspacing (they stick...
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