axle seals

  1. TundraTex

    40 Rear Axle Seal and Bearing Compatibility

    I've looked all over and haven't been able to find anything conclusive, so I thought I would just make a post to ask the question and establish a concrete answer. When I look online at rear axle seals and bearings they appear to be split into pre-73 and post-73 packages. Reading online the...
  2. Borrego

    What is this in my Axle?

    One of my Toys is an 85 mini truck. I rebuilt my knuckles and replaced the inner axle oil seals about a year ago. I have about 200 miles on it since the rebuild. All of a sudden I started hearing a click in the front diff. I took everything apart thinking I had broken my locker or ring teeth or...
  3. N919HJ

    Front Axle Seals Leaking

    My LC is a 6/79. My question is, am I hurting anything by driving it while this is happening? I have not put it in to four wheel drive and don't intend to until I get it fixed. I would just like to run around town and give the kids a ride when it is nice.
  4. seth

    It's time to rebuild the knuckles...Anyone want to help in L.A.?

    Hello there fellow Land Cruiser owners – it's finally time for me to get into the greasy job of wheel bearings, knuckles and front axle inner seals. I have a 1964 FST, which I've been conscientiously restoring over the past 4 years while it simultaneously serves as my daily driver, and it's time...
  5. mechanist

    CV Axle and Bearing/Hub replacement.

    Both CV Axles are bad on my 2009 GX 470. I picked up two 43430-60061 assemblies and have blocked out a morning this week to do both sides. My bearings are also bad so on Sunday morning I contacted Andy at to order two of the KOYO bearing and hub assemblies. He told me they...
  6. Patty Whack

    Yukon Gear and Febest axle parts

    Anybody use either of these brands? gotta do some axle work and may have to buy some parts amazon style, as its pretty hard to get what i need here. Plus the OEM stuff is hyper expensive, if i can get it. Standard freight shipping from the mainland for parts can be more than the parts. If...
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