1. Huk

    For Sale Atlanta, GA 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

    1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 195k miles. A very stout machine with the Trollhole car. The engine runs and pulls beautifully. 4-speed shifts great. The floor is sprayed with bed liner so washing out is a breeze. It has a nice head unit could use new speakers and the interior is decent for its...
  2. Ryanagriffin

    Advice on 1st time swapping engines (2F in '76 FJ40)

    Just got this beauty from Whirlybird and will be bringing her home soon. Current 2f is seized up and I have another from an FJ60 that I'll be dropping in. This will be my second FJ40 restore but the first that I'm going to try to do as much of the mechanical myself as possible and take my time...
  3. athensrep

    For Sale $5000 - 2000 white UZJ100 - High Mile Club - Atlanta

    Due to the fact I have a 70, Tacoma and Hilux and need something better on gas for my commute, this needs to go. I hate to get rid of it as it’s been rock solid for the year I’ve had it. It has 320k on the clock but needs nothing and runs, drives and shifts great. I have a stack of records from...
  4. toyofoster

    For Sale 86 FJ 60 For Sale

    1986 Toyota FJ 60 170,443 miles Selling this two-owner 60 after 6 years of terrific service to our family. We bought the truck from the original owner, who purchased new in California. We have used the truck as a daily driver ever since. Extensive mechanical re-fit with all work performed...
  5. B

    Looking for good-quality, Atlanta-area paint shop

    Any recommendations for a good, reasonably priced Atlanta-area paint shop for a respray of my 1997 FZJ80. It's 20 years old, just passed 100K mileage, and has been well-maintained. It's my daily driver, and I'm hoping to get a durable paint job to last another 20 years without mortgaging my...
  6. A

    For Sale fj43

    Does anyone know a proud owner of an fj43 in GA that I can connect with? I am thinking about getting one, but never actually drove one. Would love to connect with someone local and check it out. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  7. A

    Parting Out FJ43

    Does anyone know a proud owner of an fj43 in GA that I can connect with? I am thinking about getting one, but never actually drove one. Would love to connect with someone local and check it out. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  8. DecaturFJ

    For Sale 1971 FJ40 For Sale - Atlanta

    I hate to let go of this awesome Landcruiser but we are building a new house and could use the extra cash. There are a couple pics here but the craigslist ad has a lot more. I can take more detailed pics if needed. $27,950 but can do a little better for ih8mud folks. 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser...
  9. mdsims

    24hrs in Atlanta - 5/11 - 5/12

    GA folk, I'll be cruising through Atlanta for work next Thursday. The night is open. Any good recommendations for dinner, beverages, or anyone want to meet up? Flying into Hartsfield about 6:30 pm, hotel is up North, Buckhead Intercontinental (our office is right off 400, Buckhead Forrest), so...
  10. BRob2756

    For Sale 06 100 series mats and tow hitch - Atlanta, GA

    Got out of my 06 and into a 2013 LC. Awesome truck I have a full set (front, mid, and rear cargo) of Grey Weathertech mats for a 100 series. Bought in Dec of 2016, used for 4 months. $275 Also have a tow hitch for a 100 series (the full hitch that bolts to frame and encompasses spare). Bought...
  11. O

    For Sale FJ60 62 front bumper $50! Atlanta

    Nice shape. Cheap! Local pick up only please. Cash only. Dave 404-277-0202
  12. O

    For Sale fj62 hood with insulation $50 Atlanta

    Excellent shape other than paint. Pick up only please. Cash or 2 oz of silver.:) Dave 404-277-0202
  13. Wadesters

    Wanted OEM Fenders near Atlanta

    I am looking for a pair of OEM used fenders near Atlanta for an early model FJ40 project. Only looking for ones needing little to no work. If you have a pair please send pictures and price to: Thanks..
  14. BRob2756

    For Sale 06 LX 470 in Atlanta - $15,000

    Well, I didn't last very long in the 06. One thing I was to make clear is that I am trying to be as transparent as possible with the sale. I will probably end up trading in due to the condition but thought I would post in case someone was looking for a lower priced 100, albeit with some warts...
  15. G

    For Sale Fj60 fj62 front bumper Atlanta area

    Very nice shape. Polished up a few spots and it looks really good. You finish Local pick up only please. $100. Dave. 4-277-0202
  16. Farrell Martin

    For Sale FJ80 Filler Neck in Excellent Condition - Atlanta

    i ended up patching mine instead of replacing it, so I won't be needing this one. $75. Packaging this up looks like a real PITA, so local pickup preferred.
  17. athensrep

    For Sale 1990 Hilux for sale $12,000 - Atlanta

    Getting another rig so this needs to get out of the garage. Clean Georgia title and a clean truck that was taken care of. - 2.8 3L Diesel engine. Timing belt recently done. Around 270 miles on it - clean motor with no funky noises - dual 12v battery set up with isolator - new manual glow plug...
  18. 4xFletch

    For Sale 265/75/16 Yokohama Geolandar 50-70% tread. Atlanta

    Good set of 4. No repairs and no dry rot cracks. Great condition. $220 for all 4.
  19. divemedic

    Troops for sale in Atlanta

    @AndrewHadji Is this you? Land Cruiser 70 series Troopy Diesel
  20. B

    Atlanta Ga to Deadhorse Alaska and back

    Hello all, thought I'd start a thread here to share our trip we made this past June/July from our home in Atlanta to Deadhorse and back. We successfully made the trip in 32 days living entirely out of our 80 Series Land Cruiser. Ill attempt to keep the thread in a timeline that reflects our...
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