1. CORunner93

    SOLD  Monument, CO 2016 200 Series - Slee Built

    Selling my 2016 200 Series. It's not "fully" built, but well on the way. -64,235 miles as of this morning -Silver exterior with black interior -All work aside from the sliders was done by Slee Off Road in Golden, CO. Sliders were done by Findlay Toyota in Las Vegas. -OME BP-51 lift -SPC UCA's...
  2. HighMileageCruiser

    SOLD  San Diego, Kaymar 100 Series Land Cruiser Bumper with tire and fuel can carriers

    I'm selling my 4 month old Kaymar rear bumper that I purchased for my 2000 100 Series Land Cruiser. It has the tire carrier, dual fuel/water can carrier and the extending flood light that is attached to the tire swing (tire and fuel/water cans not included). The light and license plate...
  3. sherman

    Help with ARB Twin Compressor Install

    For an ARB Twin Compressor install on a LC 200 using the SLEE tray, does anyone have any experience with installing the braided stainless hose? I need to somehow twist the hose by 90 degrees to get it to wind similar to the way SLEE recommends, but the braided stainless hose really doesn't...
  4. sherman

    Wanted  SF Bay Area: ARB (OME) 2721 Springs

    I ordered a set of ARB 2721 springs from Autoplicity, and while the box clearly states "ARB 2721," what was found inside the box was something completely different. By the way, since it's been over 30 days, Autoplicity won't allow me to return the order. So I'm now on the hunt for ARB (OME)...
  5. Acrad

    @@@ - Harrop E-Locker on a 460 (LC Prado Kakadu trim) - - I’m going down the road of installing a rear Harrop in my 460. I ordered from Georg@CruiserBrothers last weekend. It should get here next week.
  6. Landothelad

    SOLD  San Diego, CA - 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser (Significant Price Drop)

    - California Truck I bought this truck 2 years ago hoping I would get more use out of it, but unfortunately I haven’t had the time. I’ve put on less than 10k miles in the 2 years of ownership, all highway miles with some light trailing. Totaling to a current ~268K miles The previous owner was...
  7. Nikofzj80

    ARB RD1045 drawers on FZJ80

    hi guys. Just installed the ARB drawers in my 80. Pretty straight forward. I didn't drill the holes on the anchor points, as suggested by ARB. I used the original hole instead. I believe the instructions say that that hole needs to be bigger in diameter in order to take the provided bolts...
  8. P

    SOLD  SOLD Seattle, WA - 2014 Land Cruiser with 45,xxx miles - OME BP51, ARB, Slee, Rigid, Warn - Mule Expedition Outfitters Installed

    EDIT: SOLD FOR SALE 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser White exterior Black interior VIN: JTMHY7AJ0E4027727 45,xxx miles (still accumulating as I continue to drive it a few times per week) Located in NE Seattle, WA Title in hand All modifications installed by Mule Expedition Outfitters in Issaquah, WA...
  9. marchthroughathens

    Too Much Castor?

    Currently running old J springs with 2" MetalTech spacers. Got 4" MAN-A-Fre drop brackets. Restoring the truck, and planning on switching to OME Stock height with 20mm front spacers. Stock bumper, etc upfront. Will the 4" drop brackets be too much on a near stock height 80?
  10. O

    SOLD  Midland, TX - 200 Series Front and Rear Bumpers - ARB Summit, RLC

    ARB Summit and RLC rear bumper off my 2017 Land Cruiser 200 for sale. Both bumpers were painted by a body shop to match my silver Land Cruiser. Both have around 30,000 miles and 2 1/2 years of use. Front bumper has small paint chips shown in pictures. The rear bumper has scratches that don't...
  11. cpg7562

    SOLD  Brand new lockers - ARB RD132 and RD142

    I have a set of brand new ARB lockers for sale. All original accessories in the box. I bought them quite a few years ago for my FJ80 but sold the truck recently and never installed. These usually go for $999 each from a retailer. Asking $750 each plus shipping. I'm on Long Island NY zip 11704...
  12. MKFreedom88

    SOLD  Portland ARB Alloy Roof Rack 87"x49"

    Back for sale is an ARB alloy rack that I made the mistake of buying this PRIOR to installing my OME lift. Now lifted, I can no longer park in my garage which frankly, does not work. I need a flat rack. I had posted this before when the rack was new. It's no longer "new" but looks new as...
  13. junkxj

    For Sale  N.C. OME 2860 coils SOLD

    OME 2860 coil springs I used these in the rear of my 1996 land cruiser for around 8 months and 2500 miles They give roughly 2.5 inches of lift I swapped these spring for 2864 because of a heavy aftermarket bumper and pulling a trailer I think they will also work in a 100 series? No shipping...
  14. Adventurefixn

    For Sale  Sandpoint, ID:PNW: Triple Locked 1995 FZJ80

    Location: Sandpoint Idaho Price:$21,000 Miles: 251,100 miles. -Lockers work great, I have cycled them on and off at regular intervals to keep them active. -Most of the maintenance has been done by yours truly. -Last Fall I had the entire front axle gone thru and all parts replaced as needed, to...
  15. isthatalexus

    For Sale  Phoenix: ARB Roof Rack (3813010) w/ Jerry Can Holder and Shovel/Hi-Lift Mount

    I'm selling an ARB Roof Rack (3813010). Gently used with some marring at the metal-to-metal mounting points. Will fit myriad makes, models, and years with the corresponding hardware kit. Includes: ARB 3500390 Roof Rack Fitting Kit (Jerry Can Holder) (installed) ARB K6202 (Kaymar) Jack &...
  16. J

    Wanted  Offset Hawse Fairlead.

    Looking to see if anyone has a spare used or new offset hawse fairlead? I don't want to have to pay like $100 for a new one if i don't have too.
  17. Bluetribal

    For Sale  Triple Locked 94 Land Cruiser - SoCal

    Here is the link to my OfferUp post. Willing to negotiate in person. Current asking price is $26,800 199,330 miles and only driving it for test drives. New paint with fender holes welded up. New bumpers & sliders. Fresh Birff Job Cloth seats from a Canadian Cruiser OfferUp
  18. SteeleLC2000

    SOLD  ARB Roof Rack w/ Fit Kit

    Selling my never used ARB roof rack. Comes with the fit kit as well! Price is $350 plus shipping.
  19. F

    SOLD  Socal: Brand new arb twin compressor

  20. mcgaskins

    Builds  mcgaskins' 2013 build thread - Palladium

    BACKSTORY As some of you already know, I am a big Land Cruiser fan, and I really like the 200 series platform due to its combination of capability, durability, reliability, understated looks, and resale value. I've been able to find a few 200s for a good deal (08 LX, 08 LC, 13 LC, 14 LC, 16...
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