1. aviafx

    ARB front bumper, question about mounting brackets

    Hey mud - How do the mounting brackets that the bumper bolts to attach to the frame? Do they use the existing OEM bumper horns as well as bolt holes on the top of the frame rail? Haven't had much luck looking for images of just the brackets mounted up. My horns are removed as I have a 4plus...
  2. SHREDwagon

    SOLD  CA, AB 70 Series ARB Front Bumper & Safari Snorkel SS70HP Combo

    ARB Deluxe Winch Bumper model 3412130 installed for 2 month with ~250 miles on it to suit Narrow Nose 70 Series. All hardware and lights included. Powder coat as new. Paid $950 US, asking $650 US. Safari Snorkel High Flow model SS70HP, never installed, to suit Narrow Nose 6 cyl diesel. The HP...
  3. 82cruiser

    For Sale  Boston MA: ARB Elements Fridge with slide

    ARB Elements 63QT Fridge and Slide For Sale: $950 Excellent/new condition. Used 5 weekends. Getting a smaller fridge. No trades. Includes these ARB items: ARB Elements Fridge Part #10810602 MSRP $1444.49 ARB Elements Fridge Slide Part#10900022 MSPR $380.00 ARB Elements Tie...
  4. Y

    Wanted  Looking for ARB bumper for FJ60

    I want to start with an ARB bumper and cut off the bull bar, reweld, and repaint. so a used one would be great. anyone out there have one they want to unload?
  5. KennyG

    For Sale  200 series ARB front bumper with Warn 10k pound winch.

    So quick story, my friend owns a body shop and told me he had a Land Cruiser bumper laying around and he’d give me a good deal on it, so I bought it. Turns out it’s for a 200 series. So I’m just selling it for exactly what I paid for it, just need it gone. Has a dent in the center of the bumper...
  6. Dezein

    Wanted  Looking for ARB front bumper for FJ80 - Kansas City

    Anyone selling a front bumper for FJ80 / LX450 around the area? I don't mind driving for one.
  7. acc1

    My New Gamiviti Rack

    After researching racks for awhile to go on my FJ60, I finally purchased one from Gamiviti. My main criteria was 1. low profile and 2. one piece design. There are several great choices on the market these days and it can be hard choosing which rack to go with, but I kept going back to Gamiviti...
  8. TGJ80

    For Sale  SOLD - ARB Old Man Emu set of 4 Coil Springs. Almost New. Medium Lift. 2851 and 2860

    I just bought these ARB OME 2851 and 2860 medium lift springs on September 30th, but they were still too high for what I wanted so I switched them out yesterday. Please see attached photo of sales receipt. They have been mounted to my vehicle for the past month while I was waiting on my new...
  9. mmorgan24

    Intro: 2013 in MS. Both feet in overlanding mode .... heading out West next week.

    Purchased this LC200 in Albany NY from the Yoda dealer's wife - a CPO with about 50k miles on it in Oct 2016. I did nothing except replace the tires with some 285/65/18 LTX A/T2 Michelin's - until a few weeks ago. Now ARB drawers, barrier and sides, ARB 47L Fridge, FrontRunner SL2, FR 2M...
  10. 100seriesThrGrt

    SOLD  Denver: ARB Shade Awning 2500x2500

    Selling an ARB Shade Awning 2500x2500. This is the largest awning ARB makes/made (could not find anywhere to buy one new after a quick google search). Stowed dimensions: 8' 2" (2500mm) x 7" x 7" Shade coverage: 8' 2" (2500mm) x 8' 2" (2500mm) Full disclosure: The awning has a couple minor...
  11. F

    For Sale  FS/FT socal ARB Bumper swingout tire carrier right side (passenger)

    selling my arb swing out tire carrier. its for the right side. in good shape, 1 year old, has minor scuffs but nothing crazy, just dirty. part number is 5700252. i believe they fit both 100 series and 200 series arb rear bumpers. might fit more, you'll have to check. comes with the long swingout...
  12. D

    For Sale  2008 Toyota Land Cruiser For Sale

    2008 Toyota Land Cruiser - Great Condition - 185,600 miles - ARB front bumper - 9000lb winch - New BFGoodrich Tires - DVD - Tan Leather Interior - $23,500
  13. Lessid

    ARB bumper install - fitting and wiring 80 Series

    First post hope I’m putting it in the right spot. I searched for a long time online and couldn’t find a good thread here or on the web or on YouTube. For most I’m sure this is an easy job but I’m no mechanic. So this is for all the newbies trying to fit the ARB bumper on. The instructions that...
  14. Desert Toy Shop

    For Sale  60/ 62 series ARB FT AND REAR BUMPERS W SWINGOUT

    Hey we have a ARB BULL BAR AND REAR BUMPER W SWING OUT. USED! good shape also have a roof rack but no mounting hardware Located in Mesa, AZ. Contact Mike @ 4809693320 Desert Toy Shop for more details'
  15. P

    I'm about to install an ARB front bumper on my GX470... Any advice re: trimming the fenders?

    I searched for advice on how to install an ARB front bumper on my '05 GX470. I'm fully aware you need to trim the fender flares (fenders too perhaps?) and wanted to see if anyone here had advice before I start fitting it to the truck. Advice on trimming - What tools to use, how much, how to...
  16. JPClx470

    offroad bumper suggestions

    Hi all! I drive an '04 LX. I hit a deer and just received my insurance quote. I'd like to take the opportunity to purchase an off-road bumper. I have $1,091.00 so long as the install is under 4 hours. I've looked around online, but have no idea what I am doing. I found the "Ironman 100...
  17. F

    For Sale  GA 80 Series LC Rare ARB Combo? ARB Roof Rack, ARB Tall 3 Piece Fairing, ARB RTT and ARB Spare Tire Carrier

    I have for sale a complete ARB Roof Rack, Fairing, RTT and Rooftop Spare carrier. I have done a little research and can't find any info about the fairing/windcsreen, but I can tell you it worked very well with a 35" behind it, and the RTT! I have a full length Roof Rack, ARB Simpson RTT, the...
  18. A

    For Sale  100 Series 3" Lift Kit From Cruiser Outfitter

    Hi, guys. I'm trying to sell my lift kit which I bought from cruiser outfitter 2 weeks ago. I'm selling because I change my mind and want to lift my old jeep instead. Never open the package and I will give you as cruiser outfitter shipped to me. I located in central Pennsylvania and can meet 3...
  19. Aweld

    For Sale  Brand New - ARB RD142 Air Locking Differential - SoCal - FJ40 FJ60 Fj62

    Hey Guys, I am selling a brand new ARB RD142 Air Locking Differential. I bought it thinking I would run both front and rear lockers but soon realized this was a terrible idea for how I intend to use my FJ62. The box has been opened by my mechanic but it was never installed. (...obviously) My...
  20. T

    For Sale  Salt Lake City, UT 1996 FZJ80 37’s gears, air lockers

    1996 Toyota Landcruiser 1FZ-FE straight 6 A343 Automatic transmission Full time 4wd 225k miles 37” Pro-Comp AT Sports tire warranty thru 4wp Front ARB Air locker Rear TJM Air locker 4.88:1 gear ratios F/R Full Float rear axle 2.5” OME suspension+1” spacer in front. Man-A-Fre radius arm caster...
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