1. SteeleLC2000

    Parting Out  ARB Roof Rack (Fit Kit Included)

    Selling my ARB Roof Rack and the Fit Kit as a combo so you don't have to purchase both, fit is universal to any vehicle you might wish to attach it to. Hoping to sell them for around $500 plus shipping or local pickup in the Houston, TX area. I am willing to negotiate so DM/PM with any inquires...
  2. L

    For Sale  2011 LC200 197k Miles $21k Mods

    Found this 200 on my quest for one myself. No relation to seller or business. It does have a salvaged title per Carfax. 197k miles, $21k. OME Lift Front/Rear ARB Bumpers Warn Winch ARB Basket Etc etc...
  3. Boomslang86

    Trailer Suspension Rebuild — Teardrop — Heavy Duty / Off-Road

    Mudders — I am rebuilding a trailer suspension for a client. Their tear-drop's original suspension cratered, big-time [see Photos, including an photo of the whole trailer]. It's a relatively simple set-up: an axle, attached to parabolic springs by u-bolts, with shackles to the rear, and...
  4. L

    For Sale  2003 LC100 208k miles Rogers, AR $14,890 Lift/ARB Goodies

    Stumbled across another LC100 up for sale in my search for one. It doesn't meet my criteria for what I'm looking for, but posting for others to check out. I emailed inquiring on any recent service history or needs...
  5. kordoroy

    SOLD  Denver - Dometic CFX 65DZ

    Excellent condition dual zone Dometic CFX 65DZ refrigerator/freezer, with insulating cover. We love this fridge but it’s a little too big to fit in our recent truck build-out. We bought it brand new last fall and only used it for two short trips. Priced to sell quick. Local pick-up or meet-up is...
  6. B

    Wanted  Wanted trail gear bumper 80 series

    Anybody with anything for sale? I am looking for a 80 series trail gear bumper. I always liked the look of the tube bumpers better and I figured why pay retail if I could grab one second hand first, right? So here I try my luck on his forum, so if anybody has anything hit me up and let me know...
  7. lcforlife

    SOLD  Sold

  8. cool breeze

    Wanted  100-series uzj100 rear locker

    Looking at all options. Let me know what you have, asking price and where. BUYING ASAP! thanks
  9. mrq

    Wanting to get an ARB front bumper – have many Q’s – would love some answers from people who have one on their rig

    Hi, all! I have a ‘94 FZJ and I am wanting to get an ARB front bumper for it. I have many questions, and I am hoping that some of you that have ARB’s on your rig could help me out. I will be getting the non-winch version. (I will never use a winch, so I don’t want the winch version). I’ve done...
  10. Whiphub


    I’ve been troubleshooting a parasitic drain, long story short, I just threw in a new battery showing 12.8v. Took her for a spin, got home and let her run in the driveway while I turned on headlights etc to measure amp draws. I kicked in the ARB twin compressor and let it fill. I then activated...
  11. overlandnomad

    SOLD  Santa Cruz, CA - ARB Roof Rack and ARB Simpson III RTT

    <<I NOW HAVE A DEPOSIT ON THE RACK>>I'm selling my alloy ARB Touring Roof Rack (measures 49" x 87"). This rack has a step down in the back for attaching a soft sided rooftop tent (ARB, Tepui, CVT, etc.) while still allowing for gear to be stored in the front section. <<I NOW HAVE A DEPOSIT ON...
  12. C

    For Sale  New Jersey 1998 UZJ100, $16,500, 191K, Rear Locker, King Shocks, UCA, Snorkel, more extras

    Purchased this vehicle 2 years ago bone stock. Tons of upgrades added: 16" Pro Comp Wheels 33" BF Goodrich KO2 All Terrain Tires 2.5" King Shocks w/ external reservoir Snorkel Total Chaos Upper Control Arms Bagged rear suspension for heavy loads Auxiliary Battery w/ Sleep Tray A.R.B. Rear...
  13. theglobb

    ARB Bumper Appreciation Post

    A kid my age ran a red light on the 23rd and I ended up crashing into him, the amount of damage to his car vs my mighty 62 is just absurd. What you see is the only damage done to my car. Saved him a wholeeeeee lot of $$$. Anyways go buy a bull bumper.
  14. mmorgan24

    For Sale  MS: ARB RD1045 & RDRF1045 Drawers and COB200 barrier. NEW.

    ARB COB200 - technically a half barrier that's made to work with the ARB drawers. ARB RD1045 and RDRF1045 drawers, one fixed and one slider, and barrier for sale. These are NEW, never used. I have a set installed in my 2013. Don't ask me why I have TWO sets (one installed on my LC)! Check our...
  15. aviafx

    ARB front bumper, question about mounting brackets

    Hey mud - How do the mounting brackets that the bumper bolts to attach to the frame? Do they use the existing OEM bumper horns as well as bolt holes on the top of the frame rail? Haven't had much luck looking for images of just the brackets mounted up. My horns are removed as I have a 4plus...
  16. SHREDwagon

    SOLD  CA, AB 70 Series ARB Front Bumper & Safari Snorkel SS70HP Combo

    ARB Deluxe Winch Bumper model 3412130 installed for 2 month with ~250 miles on it to suit Narrow Nose 70 Series. All hardware and lights included. Powder coat as new. Paid $950 US, asking $650 US. Safari Snorkel High Flow model SS70HP, never installed, to suit Narrow Nose 6 cyl diesel. The HP...
  17. 82cruiser

    For Sale  Boston MA: ARB Elements Fridge with slide

    ARB Elements 63QT Fridge and Slide For Sale: $950 Excellent/new condition. Used 5 weekends. Getting a smaller fridge. No trades. Includes these ARB items: ARB Elements Fridge Part #10810602 MSRP $1444.49 ARB Elements Fridge Slide Part#10900022 MSPR $380.00 ARB Elements Tie...
  18. Y

    Wanted  Looking for ARB bumper for FJ60

    I want to start with an ARB bumper and cut off the bull bar, reweld, and repaint. so a used one would be great. anyone out there have one they want to unload?
  19. KennyG

    For Sale  200 series ARB front bumper with Warn 10k pound winch.

    So quick story, my friend owns a body shop and told me he had a Land Cruiser bumper laying around and he’d give me a good deal on it, so I bought it. Turns out it’s for a 200 series. So I’m just selling it for exactly what I paid for it, just need it gone. Has a dent in the center of the bumper...
  20. Dezein

    Wanted  Looking for ARB front bumper for FJ80 - Kansas City

    Anyone selling a front bumper for FJ80 / LX450 around the area? I don't mind driving for one.
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