antenna motor

  1. Mr Tibbs

    For Sale  JDM take offs, I WANT THEM GONE!

    I have a bunch of stock take off pieces that I have removed from my JDM HJ61 that I want gone. They are sitting in my basement taking up space and I'm done with them! Lol The tipping point was when I tried to dig out the Xmas stuff today and they were in the damn way, again. Nothing to...
  2. MisipLC

    Antenna Motor Plug - 97 LX

    Can anyone provide the part number for the plug with 2 prongs in the wiring harness that plugs into the motor. It provides power/signal to the motor telling it to go up or down. It is the male side that plugs in here. Looked at the common male plug sheet and could not find a part number.
  3. SmoothLC

    Antenna Motor Photos - 100 Series Land Cruiser

    Anyone have any photos of the antenna motor in their 100 series LC or LX? Specifically looking for photos showing the various wires held in by the screws to help me put one back together. Replacing the antenna after it got bent after a recent off road adventure.
  4. FJ62OilPatch

    For Sale  FJ60-62 parts-auto/manual shifter, fly wheel, antenna motor, transmission mount; Midland, Texas

    Grab bag of parts from an FJ62 auto-to-manual conversion. Extra fly wheel and cover, transmission mount, 4-wheel drive shifter for FJ60, auto shifter for FJ62, clutch master, console for FJ62, antenna motor for Fj62, stomp pad for FJ62, FJ62 floor plate cover for shifter hole. $200 for whole...
  5. btbowie

    Permanent power antenna removal before snorkel install and related inquiry/info.

    I’ll try and keep this short and sweet. I searched and found some great threads but couldn’t find anything quite specific to these few questions. I started some work this weekend in preparation for a snorkel install as well as continuing my cargo area work. 1. My antenna motor was shot, no...
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