1. 1966FJ40

    Wanted  Looking to buy alignment sleeves for a early Siamese Port 1F

    Hello I'm looking to buy the alignment sleeves for a early Siamese port intake manifold
  2. I

    Wanted  Land Cruiser near Birmingham AL

    Land Cruiser within driving distance of Birmingham, AL. $25K and under. Will travel for one owner, rust free with detailed maintenance. Clean interior is a must - no rips or tears. White, silver, black or gray. New here and happy to have found this forum at the recommendation of a great...
  3. roma042987

    For Sale  rebuilt 12h-t [AL]

    Selling my rebuilt 12h-t long block assembly. oil pan to valve cover as pictured. Located in Huntsville, Alabama. Custom steel crate built for the engine so I can ship it as required. I purchased this engine to replace a blown up 12ht I had in my 60 series. This engine was started and ran when I...
  4. Squatchy Adventures

    Wanted  [AL] 100 factory rear bumper

    looking for a dark gray factory rear bumper. It's for a dark colored 1999 100. Will pay for shipping if necessary.
  5. Squatchy Adventures

    Wanted  [AL] 100 series Rear Coil Springs

    I need factory height rear coil springs. I don't care how used or old. I threw mine out when I installed my 864's. PM me if you have any. Thanks! Brock
  6. FJacob

    Wanted  FJ80 AL-TN

    Looking for something with less than 200,000 miles and as stock as possible. Located in Northern Alabama but can drive anywhere within a few hours. Ideally in the 7k price range.
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