air flow meter

  1. kengalbraith

    FJ62 Sputters out when given gas

    Hi All, Recently rescued an FJ62 from a slow death in a friend's yard. Hasn't run in about 7 years but PO said ran when parked. So far, I have changed coolant, oil, spark plugs, fuel filter, fuel pump (dropped and cleaned tank) and battery. Finally got her to turn and idle (surprisingly quite...
  2. K

    O'Reilly's Cardone Replacement for FJ80 AFM, does it work?

    So while changing the valve cover gasket on my '92, the AFM went out. I didn't touch the screws and only took it out with the clips, but sure enough I took the cap off of the AFM and the connections were loose. Tried soldering it back together and got it to run with it, but it runs rough and...
  3. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Mass Air Flow Sensor and Air Filter 1995-1997

    SoCal For 1995, 1996, 1997 Call for price and need zip code for shipping. Paypal OK.
  4. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  1993-1994 FJ80 Air Flow Meter (Air Vane)

    SoCal Part Number is 22250-66010 197100-3860 Connector is good, and the Air Flow Meter Has not been tampered with. Clean inside and out. Off the car and ready to ship. $145. + shipping. Paypal OK. NOT FOR 1995-1997
  5. Atwalz

    Wanted  Air Flow Meter needed 1994 Cruiser

    I am looking for a working Air flow Meter (VAFM) for 1994 land Cruiser. PM me if you got one. Thanks.
  6. JAG11

    Wanted  Air Flow Meter needed 1994 Cruiser

    HI there, my meter is making my idle and acceleration go wacky and would like to replace it. Anyone have one that is in working order? Please PM me its/your details if you do. thank you.
  7. smokymtnjoe

    Wanted  93-94 FZJ80 Air Flow Meter

    Looking for a working AFM for my '93 cruiser. Thank you.
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