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  1. 93jspec

    For Sale  96 FZJ80 Front and Rear ABS sensors and uncut wiring harness.

    ABS was working when I removed. These came off my 1996 FZJ80 with 119,000 on the clock. Front and rear sensors and complete axle to body harnesses. Looking at whats out there, I am thinking $200 shipped. ;)
  2. Whiphub

    Wanted  ABS sensors for 94 fzj

    Looking for front left and back right sensors. Anyone parting out?
  3. G

    ABS Engages on Acceleration

    Hey all- Recently took possession of a 2000 LX470, knowing it had this issue with ABS. Previous owner had it diagnosed at dealership being bad transfer case but the issue seemed more isolated to the ABS system, at least to me anyway. From a full stop, ABS engages when accelerating and would...
  4. E

    Wanted  Right front ABS wheel sensor

    Brand new here- hope it posts in the right area. For my '94 Cruiser. Located in Colorado, 80915.
  5. toyofan

    ABS sensor O-ring part number ?

    Anybody know the ABS Sensor O-ring part number or something equivalent ? (Front) I was told it only comes with the a new sensor Thanks !
  6. powdahbonz

    ABS sensor issue-code 36-help

    Looking for best way to approach/troubleshoot where the issue is..right front or right rear sensor showing open. Not sure if it's the sensor, connections, wiring harness to sensor. First step thought to get ohm meter, put to sensor to see if/where there is drop in power. was careful with sensors...
  7. jet200

    Are front ABS Sensors matched?

    Broke a front ABS speed sensor doing my Birfs. :doh: The question is can I just replace the one? I found some used and would only replace the one if I don't need to replace the pair. Thanks.
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