1. BADM

    Searching short frying AM2 fusible link

    Here's my Sunday fun. 96 LX with 240k. It abruptly died while driving. AM2 fusible link is gone. I ordered 2 and replaced it after visual inspection of engine bay wiring. The new one went up in smoke as soon as I turned the key to ON. I have a temporary fuse for testing and one spare FL. I have...
  2. Icicle

    Current working link to an FSM for a 96.....

    Enjoy: http://www.trollholescruisers.com/Tech/Manuals/Chassis%20and%20Body/1996%20FZJ80%20FSM.pdf ;)
  3. edog333pizzaE

    For Sale  Locked nice 96 235,000 first 5500

    Runs great, lockers, ac, 3 rows of seats, new this spring BFGs, metric 33s 4 wheel drive is smooth no clicking birfs no rust Went broke so i have to sell the truck , never wheeled more than dirt roads, No check engine light Needs brakes soon, and i dont think i will smog at this price but...
  4. D

    For Sale  96 flz 80 triple lock 230k 6500?

    Has too go hate to do it. Very clean in and out, purchased in Tn. So only one winter in Mi. and it kicked winters butt. All the diffs lock everything works want more pics just ask.
  5. Elfego

    96 Cruiser Repair Chicago?

    What's up everyone? Hope you all are having a great day so far. About a year ago my 96 Land Cruiser was rear-ended on the left side causing the axle and wheel to bend and go in about 5-6 inches. (Should have seen the other car.. It was totalled lol) Since then, my father had it straightened...
  6. Ben Ivey

    96 LX450 re-Paint

    Hello all, Wife's Rig is in the shop getting a face lift and I need to know about the gaskets/pads that go between the body molding and body (on the doors, behind the fender extensions on forward fender and quarter panel). I have the fender extension pads and Lexus doesn't have a expanded view...
  7. swampfoxSC

    For Sale  SC 96 lx450 126k miles,locked,supercharged

    not mine. But just drove a long way to buy it. I walked away. Not for me but maybe for you. 1996 Lexus LX450 TRO Supercharger-Lockers-Low Miles The good: Low miles Locked Supercharger Front seats are perfect Runs good New Yokohama tires New starter New AC compressor/evaporator New exhaust The...
  8. Shes Mad

    For Sale  96 LOCKED LX450

    I've had this truck for a couple of years, but looking to move on to something else. This used to be my driver, but I have a 60 to drive, and this needs a new home. Its a triple ocked 96 with 254k on the clock. 33 inch tires, some Minnesota rust in the usual places, but a nice driving, well...
  9. thebus

    For Sale  Fzj80 96 29k miles

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 w29k Just found this surfing not sure if it was posted here..
  10. T

    For Sale  96 Lexus LX450 - Non Locker - 291K - Wichita, KS

    3 Owner Cream Puff. At least once a day get complements on how clean this LX is! This is my daily and I have serviced it as such! Oil change just completed at Lexus of Wichita Saturday where it was inspected by Sam, their 28 year tenured Lexus Master Tech. He to was very impressed with the...
  11. LX450inNash

    For Sale  96 LX in Nashville, TN

    SOLD!!! Feeler.....but it may be time to part ways with the LX. In short, -1996 -231,xxx miles -new intake tube -fresh plugs, distributor, button -removed TB, cleaned intake port, new vacuum lines and VSV to conquer THE EGR code -new alternator and belts -3in lift front/ 2in rear -new BFG Mud...
  12. landonridge

    Will a 15" wheel/tire work on a stock 96 FJ80?

    Just wanted to see if anyone knew if a 15" wheel and tire would work on a stock 96' Fj80?
  13. Wiscolandcruiser

    Trade  Fj40 for my Locked 96 lx450 215k, HG serviced, lift, 35s, Southern WI

    Looking for an fj40, v8 is a plus, can be built or stock, can be a running project as long as it legal to drive still. Will do partial trades. Will travel for the right trade. This is my daily driver/weekend wheeler. Runs, stops, and shifts great. I will send more pictures upon request, I also...
  14. napir

    '96 Stalling Out Under Load

    Just started this morning, I was driving along and hit the throttle and the truck got super sluggish, throttle hesitated then finally I got some power. Came home, took some video of what's going on. In the first video towards the end, I have it WOT and there's no power and then you hear it...
  15. R

    For Sale  96 FZJ80 Factory Locked (AZ)

    The Following text is copied straight off my CL ad: 1996 Land Cruiser F/R Locked Up For Sale is my well maintained ultra reliable 1996 FZJ80 Land Cruiser. Runs Excellent, everything works. A/C blows cold, heater blows hot. Recent tune-up including fuel filter, all heater hoses including rear...
  16. Jon SW

    replacement exhaust for my 96 land cruiser

    Looking for options in the US for a replacement exhaust. Is oem the only way to go? New to this. Thanks for the help!!!!!!!
  17. Tommysosa

    craigslist  '96 Low miles in NorCal

    1996 Toyota Land Cruiser *140K Miles* Clean Title Not affiliated but has low miles and seems to be in good shape.
  18. Wiscolandcruiser

    For Sale  Locked 96 lx450 215k, HG serviced, lift, 35s, Southern WI

    This is my daily driver/weekend wheeler. Runs, stops, and shifts great. 96 lx450, 215k on 1fz, head gasket was done at Lexus stealership at 200k, trans shifts strong, factory diff locks engage on the fly, low and hi range both work perfectly, all power options work. Has new rotors, and...
  19. R

    Resurrecting a '96?

    First, hello all...new to the forum and happy to be here! I'm trying to do my homework/research on learning this truck before I jump in, and hoped you folks here might point me to any other areas that might be helpful as I climb the learning curve you have all mastered!! The truck in question...
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