1. GRM

    For Sale  Pair of 1971 FJ40 9.5" 4.10 gear differentials - 68k mile originals

    I have a pair of 68k mile 4.10 geared differentials from my 1971 FJ40. They are in great shape - but have been sitting for 39 years in the axle. Reason for selling is I Pulled them to install 3.70 Diffs. Asking $200 for the pair Located in Scotts Valley, CA
  2. tacoma2002

    Wanted  9.5" lunchbox locker for FJ80

    Looking to buy some sort of lunchbox locker for my semi float FJ80 rear axle. Will need item shipped to 38610.
  3. W

    For Sale  9.5" E-Locker Complete

    For sale is a complete third member with actuator, wiring, and relay box. Came out of the rear end of a 1999 Toyota Landcruiser (UJZ-100 or FJ-100). Last year of the E-Locker in the Land Cruiser. From the research I did, this 9.5" third member should swap into any FJ axle (FJ40, FJ80, FJ82)...
  4. aniesigh

    Making a stronger 80 series front axle

    Hi Guys, I'm Adam, from the UK. i have a winch challenge Land Rover based tube buggy with a VVTi 1UZ and 80 series axles I have already popped a stock birf so upgraded to RCV axles and birfs, now i have stripped the front ring & pinion (was expecting it to happen at some point) it was stock gear...
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