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  1. RhinoRig

    Wanted 80 enviro control module

    55900-60010 The A/C microswitch has gone bad in my control module and it appears that they are no longer made. Who has one of these for me? This is the Auto temp version. I don't need the Celcius version, F is fine. Thanks!
  2. snowcruiser

    For Sale Sliders for 80 series

    I built these nearly 15 years ago and ran them for the entire time. I recently removed them to do some some rocker panel rust repair and have decided to go another route so I'm letting these go. They were based on George's bolt on slider plans but edited slightly with 3/16" steel 2"x4" main...
  3. leucadiacruiser

    FREE pickup in San Diego 80 series third row cloth seats/belts/grab handles

    Craigslist ad here says $100 - but for you Mud members, price is Free Free Free!
  4. Mario12345

    80s front axle assembly for sale

    It's got a rebuilt differential and axle seals and wheel bearings and hub bearings have recipet For everything... comes With lockers I'm getting rid of it because after I rebuilt it it wouldn't unlock.... so I didn't know much about it so im selling it... you have to pay for shipping I'm selling...
  5. P

    94' vs. 95' LC Accessory compatibility

    Hello all, I recently bought a 95' LC. I was searching the web and really like the "TOYOTA" front grill from 94' and older LC's. My LC also does not have the factory roof rack or sliders. I found a LC that is getting parted out and was wondering if the 94' sliders, roof rack, and front grill are...
  6. IoN6

    For Sale Misc. 80 Parts (coils, shocks, spacers, hitch, rear mat, hub caps)

    Have some parts that I have removed and no longer need. Would prefer face to face in the Denver area, but can ship everything but the rear mat and trailer hitch. Off a 93 with 175k, no idea on the age of the shocks though. Stock (I believe) front coils - $40/pair Front shocks (missing one set...
  7. ATXFJ80

    Parting Out Parting out 96' Land Cruiser

    Parting out 96' Land Cruiser 233K miles - Motor has lower end knock and is not long for this world. Have a look at the pics and PM, text or call me with what you are looking for. Prefer local pick up but can ship. NOTES: 1. NOT LOCKED - NO LOCKERS!!! I do have a locker switch from another...
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