80 axle

  1. Bripars40

    For Sale  OK: 80 Rear Axle. Complete

    I have a full float 80 series rear axle out of a 1995 for sale. It has some extra suspension brackets welded to the coil mounts and pan hard mount but other than that it’s complete hub to hub. Stock gearing. Asking $650 I had plans to put this in my 40 but I changed directions. I would...
  2. TagALong

    Found Rear Grease Seal in Front Axle During Bearing Change

    Hello all, I recently started the process of replacing my front driver wheel bearings, seals, etc on my 1996 Lexus LX450. Watched a couple tutorials, figured it out and it was smooth sailing. However, when I went to rebuild the thing, I discovered that the OEM grease seal I bought from Toyota...
  3. Lovlyemmz

    Ring and Pinion Quality Question

    Hello I am currently replacing my pinion seals and bearings. Here are a picture of my ring and pinion gears. Are these still good or look worn? Thanks! 1995 cruiser 287,000miles
  4. Coronela89

    Front Autolocker in Stock PT 4WD 80?

    Hey guys, I’ve been searching and reading through related threads but haven’t found someone with the same question. I have a 96‘ 80 series that was sold in Honduras CA. I live in Honduras which makes parts and capable mechanics a challenge. My 80 doesn’t have lockers, but a stock CDL...
  5. Getshacked808

    80 series Front Axle Housing

    Looking for an 80 Series front axle Housing for a '94 with factory e-lockers. Trying to find a replacemnet for my bent axle. Only need the housing, all gearing and axles are good in current axle. Please message if you have any leads or info. Thank you for any help!
  6. R

    Front Axle Knuckle Service

    Hey all, I recently purchased my first land cruiser, -a 95’ FJZ80- and it’s not exactly in tip top shape. My main concern and first project I plan on working on is the drivers side (and passenger side for that matter) knuckle. I have no experience whatsoever with solid front axles, but from what...
  7. Plantman

    Weird axle swap

    ‘Mud, I have a 1977 FJ40 and I have axles from a 1993 FZJ80. I plan to swap the 80 axles under the 40. I want to go SUA, yes SUA not SOA. I plan getting custom made Alcan Springs. What problems could I run into? Complications with brakes, e-locker wiring, different driveshaft flanges, etc...
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