4 speed trans

  1. Stranger6333

    4 speed upgrade to 5 speed box

    hi looking for support on upgrading the old 82 hj60 2h from the OG 4 speed box to a 5speed. I have sourced one from a 88 2h troopy. my main question is what other parts ill be needing. will my bell housing fit? and do i need to get a set of drive shafts out of a 5speed 60 to fit? and light on...
  2. Hojack

    For Sale  85 FJ60 running 2F motor and 4 speed transmission still in my Landcruiser.

    I've have a 1985 FJ60 that I'm converting to diesel. I'm in the process of removing the 4bt from a step van so the project is underway. I have the 2F motor and 4 speed transmission still in my cruiser which I'm driving daily to work. The odometer has 243K miles. The motor is clean and runs...
  3. kindoflikerambo

    Dumb easy question: Can't find info

    Hey guys, I have a stamped 1966 fj40 (probably a '64 judging by the serrated top) and I converted from 3 on the tree to an fj40 h42 but kept my 3 speed original T-case. Two questions: -Can I use my original PTO gear with that setup and run a PTO or do I need a 4 speed PTO gear in my transfer...
  4. jralph125

    1979 FJ40 4 Speed Trans Question

    Hello fellow gear heads, Just recently did a rebuild on my Transfer case, when we re-installed everything I am finding it harder to change transmission gears (1st-4th) while driving. We didn't touch the transmission other than to disconnect and drain the old fluid, but other than that we didn't...
  5. M

    For Sale  GM V8 Bell housing adaptor and Toyota H42 4 speed Trans

    I'm putting an NV4500 in my FJ40 and selling the old stuff. Everything worked perfect before pulled. Includes bell housing, 4 speed transmission, flywheel and clutch. Works on GM V6 & V8 engines to the Toyota Landcruiser FJ40 / FJ55 4 speed manual transmission. $650
  6. J

    For Sale  85 FJ60 4 speed transmission $500.00

    85 FJ60 4 speed transmission. complete. shifts perfectly. $500.00
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