1. RyRoRyan

    SOLD  NM 97 LX450 Built and Locked

    1997 LX450 - Southwest kept (TX, OK, NM) NO RUST. Factory 3x locked. Currently has 263,xxx miles. UPDATE SOLD As you will will see in the pictures this rig is in great shape. Leather has no tears, and no fading. Exterior/Drivetrain MODS: SUSPENSION/DRIVETRAIN OME springs, 850J's and 863's...
  2. Nifski

    For Sale  37" Wrangler MTR Tires and Rims Arizona

    These are great trail tires, I got new rims and tires so these are up for grabs. $400 Bucks. Pm me if you are interested. Thanks, R
  3. Nifski

    Goodyear Wrangler MTR 37" Tires and 15"x10" chrome rims

    Up for sale, just got a new pair of shoes for the 45
  4. izzymonkey

    For Sale  Trailworthy fab wheels!

    what I have here are a set of four trailworthyfab wheels and tires. 16.5 dbl bead lock with 6 on 5.5 machine pressed inserts with 3.5 in backspacing. 37"x12.5x16.5 Goodyear oz tires No damage to wheels or tires! 1,600 obo I live in central cali Tulare county Looking for trades too. 17inch rim...
  5. careykid2

    For Sale  37" Tire

    Trxus MT tire. Mounted on a 16" rim, 6x5.5 lug pattern. Tire is 37x16x12.5. It has maybe 40% tread. It'd be great for a spare. Very mild dry rot but holds air just fine. I drove on it for a few hours yesterday. Located in Asheville, NC. Looking for $125 OBO. I have another one that I could...
  6. K

    Top 3 pick for 37" tires

    What's your top 3 pick for tires in a 37/17 Most aggressive possible that still can be driven 15 hours to Colorado for trails. Not a daily driver but needs to be able to do double duty. Kick ass on the trail and drive me 3-15 hours home.
  7. SoCal6084

    Thoughts on keeping 37" tires or downsize?

    Bought my beautiful rig with 37" MTRs. It will be used only for 1000 miles per year for outdoor recreation, camping, fishing. Would you guys keep the 37" tires or downsize to 35"?
  8. millerxcrunning

    37" tires fit stock fzj80

    Hello everyone, I have a 1994 cruiser with 315/75/16 BFG ko/2 tires on a stock setup as we speak. I am trading someone for 37/12.50/17 general grabber tires. My question is, does anyone have personal experience fitting a 37" tire in the wheel wells? I know turning will be impossible, and I will...
  9. Kiwi Digger

    Locked HDJ80 from New Zealand

    Hi I'm Jeremy I'm an excavator operator from New Zealand here to show you guys my 80 series cruiser. I bought this truck about a year ago already built for a fairly good price. The previous owner has done an excellent job on the truck so my plan is to fix up some minor issues and change a few...
  10. burbuja96

    For Sale  (4)37" Maxxis creepy crawlers

    for sale (4) 37x12.5x16 Maxxis creepy crawlers. Located in SW Houston, Tx. Tires only 90% left. $950
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