1. ICY80

    315’s on a 3” lifted 80 series

    Hey guys! Figured I’d hop on here and see if anyone with an 80 was running a 3 inch lift on 35s /315’s. Mine is on a 3inch dobinsons lift and I am looking for the best tire choice. I wonder if I can clear 35s with no rubbing Even when flexed out. Also wanting to stay on the factory wheels. I...
  2. Jungle80farmer

    For Sale Sold Citrus heights ca 1971 FJ40 chevota restomod

    https://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/d/citrus-heights-1971-fj40-toyota/7479704900.html Howdy y'all. Life has thrown some S balls my way so I am posting up my 1971 FJ40 for sale to see if anyone wants to finish my project there way. I've spent about a year stripping the interior of bedliner...
  3. N

    Fitting 315/70/17 on gx470

    Would I be able to fit 315/70/17 tires on my gx470? I have a 3 inch lift and new UCA. I can weld so I can do the body mount chop and any trimming. Would a 1 inch body lift be necessary? Do I need aftermarket bumpers or can I just trim it stock?
  4. 2LT4LYFE

    Been browsing the forums for a while, finally joined.

    Ive got a left-hand drive 85 pickup with 263xxxkms on a factory 2LT under the hood. Its got a log box, high-steer w/ ifs steering box, no intercooler (yet), 3-in exhaust, 35s, volvo 5-cyl turbo (6psi) w/ a custom manifold (including special "back off" bolts that are impossible to reach) oh and...
  5. Zman17

    1984 fj60 spring over fuel injected v8

    The Time has come to sell my 1984 fj60 this truck has been my daily driver and it has 17,300 miles on the v8 since it was swapped and only 4,000 miles on the new 700r4 trans. Truck was sold new in Texas then went to Colorado where I bought the truck and kept it there for a while then shipped to...
  6. 9

    Lift size for 35's

    I'm sure this question has been addressed before but I'm having a hard time finding it. I have a 1994 Fzj80 on 35's and am looking to replace the shocks and coils. Currently the lift on the truck is old man emu but I bought the truck after it was lifted so I do not know what springs/coils are on...
  7. 35s Geolandar M/T+

    35s Geolandar M/T+

  8. Krow

    For Sale 35x12.50r15 on Centerlines

    Hey guys, I picked up another set of wheels and tires for my 62 and no longer need these. They are BFG A/T's and have probably about 40% tread left. They all hold air just fine and the wheels are 15x8 Centerlines. I'm asking $350 picked up for the whole lot or I'll keep the wheels and sell the...
  9. Wiscolandcruiser

    For Sale Locked 96 lx450 215k, HG serviced, lift, 35s, Southern WI

    This is my daily driver/weekend wheeler. Runs, stops, and shifts great. 96 lx450, 215k on 1fz, head gasket was done at Lexus stealership at 200k, trans shifts strong, factory diff locks engage on the fly, low and hi range both work perfectly, all power options work. Has new rotors, and...
  10. BurnsTACP

    16" wheel specs for 35x12.5 on KZJ78 with 4" lift???

    Hey guys I'm about to put a Dobinsons 4" kit and Nitto 35x12.5" Trail Grapplers on my KZJ78. I'm having trouble figuring out what wheel specs I need to minimize trimming keep from having to run spacers. I'm ok with things sitting a tad outside the flares, and I prefer a wider track. The main...
  11. Bama80

    Current tire deals

    Discount tire direct is usually the cheapest place I've found to get tires shipped to your door. Last night I stumbled onto a deal where if you order from their ebay store right now through 3/16/16 you get $100 off any order over $400. Set of 4 ST Maxxs in 295/70r18 came out to $233 a tire with...
  12. Bama80

    craigslist 295/70r18 Nitto MTs-New and cheap-Alabama

    295 70 18 nitto trail grappler Not mine and I don't need them but these are a steal of deal (so much so that they might actually be stolen but idk). Posted for $670 in Birmingham. Apologies if craigslist ads in wheels and tires aren't kosher, just thought someone might be interested since this...
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