2nd gen 4runner

  1. ad27326

    Wanted 2nd Gen 4runner -22re or 3.4

    Looking for a 2nd gen 4runner with the 22re or a 3.4 swap, any color, prefer manual tranny. I am in NC but depending on vehicle, may ship. Thanks Adam
  2. Rusty72cruiser

    For Sale 1990 2Door 4runner 5 speed. $4,000 Pittsburgh

    I have decided to sell my 1990 2nd Gen 2 door 4runner to fund my fj40 project. Asking $4000. I am in Pittsburgh PA however the truck came from Arizona and the frame is completely rust free, and in this area is very hard to come by. The only rust was body above the exhaust, I have cut that all...
  3. SimplyTanner

    ADD vs Non-ADD, needle bearings needed?

    Is it possible to remove the oil seal on a Non-ADD Differential and bolt up an ADD axle tube? By removing the seal, the tube and ADD system gets oiled. The only difference I see is that with the ADD system you get needle bearings, and the Non-ADD diff only has the machined in "bushing" with oil...
  4. SimplyTanner

    2nd Gen four wheel drive hard shake and violent steer

    Hey, I'm new to the site and forum. It's obvious there are some smart people here! Hopefully someone can help me, I Just picked up my first 2nd Gen four runner. Truck drives and steers great in 2H. But in 4H or 4L it's hardly drive able. It shakes and shimmies hard and will pull the steering...
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