1. M

    14b mods

    I have a hilux that i have fitted a 13b into. It has a 14b front cover, timing gears, rotary pump and rb25 turbo. Does anybody know where i can get a 14b-t injector pump and can i use 14b-t injectors on the 13b?
  2. L

    Wanted 13BT Pistons needed, at least one.

    Hello Mudders, I am looking for a set of 13BT pistons, but would be happy to find a single serviceable one. I have looked in Australia but the suppliers are back ordered. If you have a set or a single please PM me! I am trying to get my BJ74 up and running.
  3. frijolee

    Joel's multipurpose 40 on 41s

    New project getting started... 1972 FJ40. Forgive me as I'm a bit late to the party. Having never really wheeled Toyota products before I hadn't run across IH8MUD until I bought my first Cruiser. However, because of the fact there's so little Cruiser left, I'm guessing this belongs in the...
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