1. mountainpapi23

    Help with Toyota 14B Diesel Engine

    I have a 1994 Toyota Dyna fire truck from Japan with a 14B engine. I am just looking for someone who is familiar with this engine to give me advise on replacement parts for it. No one I've talked to at autoparts stores in my local area are familiar with the engine. Currently I just want to...
  2. M

    14b mods

    I have a hilux that i have fitted a 13b into. It has a 14b front cover, timing gears, rotary pump and rb25 turbo. Does anybody know where i can get a 14b-t injector pump and can i use 14b-t injectors on the 13b?
  3. L

    Wanted  13BT Pistons needed, at least one.

    Hello Mudders, I am looking for a set of 13BT pistons, but would be happy to find a single serviceable one. I have looked in Australia but the suppliers are back ordered. If you have a set or a single please PM me! I am trying to get my BJ74 up and running.
  4. frijolee

    Builds  Joel's multipurpose 40 on 41s

    New project getting started... 1972 FJ40. Forgive me as I'm a bit late to the party. Having never really wheeled Toyota products before I hadn't run across IH8MUD until I bought my first Cruiser. However, because of the fact there's so little Cruiser left, I'm guessing this belongs in the...
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