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    For Sale Wild WY! Door & tub cuts from a 1970 FJ40. All proceeds benefit local youth injured in hit & run accident. "Toasty" wants to give back all she can!

    Are the outer door skins straight-ish? Also interested in the passenger door jamb
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    Todays wrenching

    That looks like a linked up 80 axle.... new toy?
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    For Sale Wild WY! Large FJ40 parts lot. Early bibs, headlight buckets, gauge cluster, ashtray, door limiters, fender aprons, oil filter canister, bib lights.

    Aprons without badges and #19 buckets please... thanks! Interested in the clear bib lights too if hype passes. Eric
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    SOLD Wild WY! Spare tire carrier body side hinge.

    Are you selling anything here? I'm interested in the aprons and will get in line for the hub caps if so. Regards Eric
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    4 wheel disc brake help

    I think this is the nature of the monte carlo setup. The rear brakes are just too strong compared to the front so they will lock when the rear unloads. I read at one time that an alternate is some 2005-14 mustang rear calipers. I have them on the shelf but have not got around to installing...
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    For Sale FJ40 PARTS - Misc.

    I'm interested in the one hub in the middle if still available. Eric
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    Dash lights dim when Headlights are on?

    It does react but the max bright setting is just not as bright as it is with the headlights off.
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    Dash lights dim when Headlights are on?

    Curious if anyone has figured out a way to have the brighter dash light mode with headlights on? I always have my lights on and it is very hard to see the climate control lights or the clock during the day.
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    Front Clip Bolts?

    Definitely not stock. Stock bolt would be 91611-60820. It is a bolt with a flat washer.
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    FJ40 Homemade GPS Digital Dash

    Pretty slick! Only first video played for me.
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    How to Separate Axle Hub and Disc Rotor?

    Lug studs only need to be pushed out on 60 hubs. 40 hubs just need to be forced due to rusting.
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    driveshaft u joint ??????

    I haven't installed it yet but I got this. The bolt pattern on the flange does not match a standard 40 pattern so had to get a round flange and drill holes.
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    Metal Tech Tube Fender Kit and Safari Snorkel (?)

    It is going to depend on how the fenders were installed and how much room is left. You can put the tube fender at the stock height or all the way up to the hood if you want.
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    Another FJ40 build from the ground up and it only took a week!

    Very cool and great detail... what program you using?
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