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    Subwoofer in the cargo panel

    Looks great! I saw an ad on tv for $99 under-seat subs (in Aus), so went in to the shop with the intention of getting one for the 60... A pair of 6.5” Clarion hx series splits, a 5 channel Pioneer amp and a Rockford Fosgate 12” Punch sub later and I am broke!! But it sounds fantastic!!
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    Overheating in traffic, anyone running an aux fan?

    I found that my temp would rise a bit when going up a hill towing my boat in hot temps - so I diverted the window washers to in-front of the radiator, and give it a 10 second squirt at the bottom of the hill - problem solved!
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    12ht pyro location

    Just to add another perspective... I have my Redarc Pyro installed in the dump pipe immediately after the turbo. I know a lot of people think pre-turbo is the only way to go, but I disagree... I have seen temp graphs showing the delay in temp readings post turbo compared to pre, however mine is...
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    Events/Trails Holiday road trip

    Gday guys, thanks for the comments! The fish are some of the best eating fish in the ocean! The best 2 are the green / blue coloured one (Bluebone) and the one with the blue spots (Coral Trout). Others there are Mangrove Jack and Estuary Cod - also great eating! The fish in the net are...
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    Events/Trails Holiday road trip

    And a few more...
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    Events/Trails Holiday road trip

    Gday guys, I have just returned from our annual family holiday to Exmouth in the North West of Western Australia, towing my 16ft boat loaded with camping gear... The car is a 1988 hj61 5speed manual with 571000kms on the engine, and a fairly new Exedy HD clutch. The car went great over the...
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    Builds FJ60 12HT converted engine rebuild

    I am watching this with enthusiasm! I would be interested in hearing of the costs associated as I don’t think I am too far off a rebuild myself (at 571000km’s). Being in Aus hopefully some costs will work out a bit better (only a couple of hours away from GTurbo too...). Your rebuild with the...
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    your 3 top modifications on your 60 wagon

    1. Toyota Corolla front seats 2. Waeco fridge in-between the front seats 3. Redarc combo boost / EGT / coolant temp gauge Things I use every time I drive it (every day!) Already is a 5 speed manual 12ht - otherwise those would be 1 and 2!
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    HJ61 Flasher unit

    Thanks mate, just have to wait until it is delivered now.... will be much easier than flicking the indicator on and off at the same speed as the car in front of me...
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    HJ61 Flasher unit

    Hi guys, my indicators are starting to play up - with them flashing slow at times, and staying on at other times instead of flashing. I have purchased a new flasher unit, but was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction as to where it is located? The car is a right hand drive...
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    Can anyone identify this switch in my HJ61?

    No idea.. I have a hole in this same position that I asked on here ages ago about... My hand throttle is on the other side of the steering column..
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    Best console?

    Yep - as above... For me the best centre console is one that is an arm rest, drink holder, and 10 can (give or take a few) proper compressor fridge / freezer...
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    Camping with your 60/62 thread.... ready go:

    A RAV4 - with what looks like mud tyres!! We have one that looks exactly the same (minus the muddies). My wife bought it brand new in 1999. It has done 216000kms - on original clutch, second set of brake pads, and just into its third set of tyres... and has never been off road (or in a gravel...
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