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    Need an A440 transmission

    A friend of mine has the same problem in just north of atlanta area,any suggestions out there?
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    Tailgate Panel

    Tim you got a pic of this?Thanks,Peter
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    Briggs & Stratton sucky

    change the spark plug,dump the old gas,and toss a half acan of Seafoam in the gas,and a little in the oil(as per directions/volume).You may probably want to dump the oil first putting in hd 30,use it twice and dump,then put the seafoam in again.I would be surprised if that didnt work,that stuff...
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    3FE Vacuum Schematic Needed - '88 62

    somebody has a camera.....
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    I picked up an fj62, where can I dispose of old gasoline?

    slam a couple cans of seafoam in acouple gallons of gas(new),and put the old in gas containers for disposal when you find the right/safe solution....if you part it out O need the gas tank filler neck...Peter
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    FJ40 rack

    use softrax or the old style alohas for a surfboard,the wind will rip that board to freedom and bumpbump it will go.....
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    62 running rough Ismell gas

    check if gas smell from underhood or rear at evap lines running into tank was it the recalled gastank or you missed the recall till now?The vin at the dealer will tell you if the tank was replaced or not,and the rear seat belts......Peter
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    Parting 89 FJ62

    frt passenger fender?Peter 30041
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    A442F torque converter

    What about AAMCO for Torque converters& Tcase rebuilds? Anybody out there have any good bad experiences/opinions,as I got the same HUGE Vibration after d/s,ujoints ,3rd member.....thanks for the help!
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    First post, second FJ40!

    Buy it and rod the radiator,cooler temps Help!
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    Soda Blasting

    n2666s: could you get me Lanny tel #,Im north of Atlanta....Pete
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    Tour of California

    Take Pictures Chase!!!!Pete/NGA *MTNS!
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    ebay Seller zaskar_ofn Item's

    Will you be at GSMTR ?????Peter
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    Wanted Late model 40 parts ....NEEDED <<<

    got a bundle of 80 emisions etc stuff,get a pic *Ive gotten braindead due to the cold on partnames-is it spring yet?Peter?Atlanta area
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    ebay Seller zaskar_ofn Item's

    Finally someone on the EASTCOAST...............................................................................AMEN,Peter
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